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One party, 41 balloons, two cakes and many presents opened. Last Sunday, my baby boy, turned one.

It was a magical weekend. Emotional, yes, but one filled with love. We celebrated with our family on Saturday by throwing a little tea party. There were balloons and plenty of bubbles, pompom party hats and umpteen cups of tea drank. And I cried. Twice. In front of everyone.

When we presented Leo with his first birthday cake (a Paddington Bear cake) and we all sang happy birthday to him, I couldn’t help myself and tears fell from my eyes. And after my Dad decided it would be a good idea to sing to him again, I cried for the second time. I have no idea why it happens, but every time I hear people sing happy birthday to either of my children, it makes me want to bawl my eyes out. This motherhood malarkey sure is confusing at times isn’t it?

On Sunday, his special day, we had a quiet one. We spent the morning helping Leo to open his presents, watched him rip up sheets of wrapping paper with squeals of delight, presented him with his second birthday cake (a little chocolate one that we decorated for just the four of us) and enjoyed an early evening meal out at Frankie & Bennys as requested by Elsie!

As first birthdays go it was really, really lovely. Clearly Leo didn’t know what was going on exactly, but he did know that something was different and I think he enjoyed it. He certainly loved the balloons and bubbles. (Although sadly wasn’t keen on the expensive party hats!)

So here we now are. Our beloved baby, now officially a toddler. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find it a bit difficult to say goodbye to his baby days, but I’m so looking forward to the next 12 months and watching him grow and develop.

My precious little boy has turned one. What an amazing – and lightening fast! – twelve months it has been.


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