I thought it may be useful to start a regular update on here just to let you all know how Leo and I are getting on.

I considered monthly updates but thought that they may be a little too regular (and god forbid, boring perhaps?!) so have settled on a quarterly update instead. Do-able for me to create and hopefully something you can either keep up to date with or bow out from, depending on your interests!

I can’t quite believe I’m typing this but Leo is now four months old. How that has happened so quickly I honestly don’t know, but it has. Anyhow, tears aside, here’s how we’re both getting on, four months into our time together.


Oh where to start! Leo is such an easy baby. I refuse to use the word ‘good’ (don’t you hate it when people ask you if he or she is a good baby?!) but no doubt about it, Leo is an easy baby to love and look after.

He’s incredibly chilled out most of the time, smiles constantly, adores his mummy and is just the happiest bundle of joy. And yep, as you may have guessed, I’m totally and utterly besotted with him. As we all are.

At four months old, he is still exclusively breastfed (I think I deserve a medal for this!) and presently still refusing a bottle which makes life a little tricky granted, but still, at least he’s feeding well. I actually didn’t plan to exclusively breastfeed – my grand plan when pregnant was to do combined feeding like I did with his sister – but this little rascal has had other ideas and so here we are!

In the past, he’s suffered pretty badly from silent reflux and trapped wind, however, he seems to have turned a corner over the past week or so which I’m hoping continues. I did cut dairy out of my diet which seemed to help massively but quite by accident have recently discovered that I’ve been able to enjoy a little bit of dairy food again. Who knows I may even be able to tuck into some cheese soon with any luck. (Give me all the brie!)

At four months old Leo is now smiling lots now, chuckling occasionally, rolling over back and forth like a good ‘un and grabbing and touching things with his hands. He’s almost discovered his feet (how cute is it when they put their toes in their mouths?!) and low and behold, today after four months of trying, he’s finally taken a dummy! (As much as I enjoy breastfeeding there’s only so much chewing of nipples a gal can take.)

He’s already started teething so understandably we do have an odd cranky day here and there and he’s still waking at least twice a night to feed, but he really is such a wee delightful little thing and I don’t know what I’d do without him.



Four months into second-time motherhood and just to blow my own trumpet for a minute, I think I’m doing pretty well.

Life is busy and I do feel like I never get two minutes to myself anymore which is frustrating and overwhelming at times but by and large, life feels good. I’m getting used to looking after two kiddywinks and muddling through the rest.

Leo doesn’t sleep through the night yet so yep, I’m absolutely knackered most days, but somehow I manage to find the energy to get up and at ’em, as indeed you need to when you’re a mama and the school run beckons.

Body wise, I’m still bigger than I was pre-pregnancy but that’s OK. I’m well aware that it takes time to shift baby weight and so I’m in no rush to slim down although I’d be lying if I said our impending summer holiday isn’t playing on my mind a little! I know I could and probably should eat a lot healthier than I am doing right now, but honestly, some days all I want to do is scoff half a pack of biscuits and drink them down with a gallon of tea and so I do and I refuse to feel guilty about it.

I started a post-natal yoga course with Leo last week which I’m hoping will help me strengthen my core again and I’m enjoying getting some fresh air and walking, when I manage to get out and about with Leo in his pram.

My stretch marks are barely noticeable and have faded so much already, however, my hair has started to do that awful postpartum thing of falling out everywhere so you know, you win some, you lose some!

Generally though I’m as happy as Larry (whoever he is) and loving being a mum to two and a mum to a baby again. Yes, I’d love more time to myself and yes, I’d really love more sleep! But bar those two things, I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been happier and I’m forever counting my blessings.


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1 Discussion on “BABY & MAMA UPDATE AT 4 MONTHS”
  • So lovely to hear this gorgeous!! Leo sounds like a little star. So thrilled all is going so well for you….and it’s summer coming up so you have lots of lovely days with him to look forward to. Take care xxx

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