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I ENJOYED an incredible afternoon tea at Bettys the other week.

On a cold yet beautiful winter’s Day, I travelled to the historic city of York with my lovely Mum and we experienced the most delicious champagne afternoon tea, as Bettys‘ guests.

Quite frankly, if there’s a finer way to spend a few precious hours with your Mum, well I’d be amazed because this really was quite something.

I often talk about how blogging has brought incredible opportunities into my life, but I should also mention that it enables me to treat my family and those I love the most, too!

It’s something I am incredibly grateful for and something that really came home to me, when my dear Mum became a little emotional on our special day out.

To be fair, it’s quite easy to get a little emotional when you’re having afternoon tea at Bettys, because the setting of their Belmont Room is just incredibly beautiful.

See what I mean?


As the first people to enter the room, we were really able to take in our elegant surroundings and marvel at the 1920s decor which was so lovely it actually made me gasp.


I adore the 1920s era and all of it’s glamour, so I very happily felt right at home here surrounded by the room’s beautiful wood panelling, oriental etched glass and elegant, crisp linens.

The afternoon tea began with bubbles.


Delicious rose champagne bubbles to be precise. A perfect start to the afternoon, I’m sure you’ll agree.


And then? Then the feast began!

First came the most delicate prawn cocktail with avocado puree, which was quickly followed by a scrumptious savoury duo consisting of a mini pork & apple pie and smoked salmon, cream cheese & dill roulade.


Appetites firmly wet, next came our chosen tea (we opted for Bettys Blend) plus three tiers of utter food heaven.


The three tiers of delight included neat little finger sandwiches of classic British favourites such as egg mayonnaise and coronation chicken, mouth watering sultana and Yorkshire lavender scones and some of the prettiest cakes, this woman has ever seen.

Just look at them…


Doesn’t it all look wonderful?!

From the variety of sandwiches, my favourite had to be the roast ham & tomato pâté (I very politely asked for seconds!) and as for the cakes?


Well, it’s almost an impossible choice to make, because they were all absolutely delicious!

However, if you were to force me for an answer, I would say the chocolate and praline slice is something to be absolutely savoured (and shared if you’re kind enough).

Every. Single. Morsel. Was heaven.

Our afternoon tea experience at Bettys really was as wonderful as I had hoped it would be and certainly in comparison – in terms of quality and elegance – is definitely up there, with afternoon tea at The Ritz which I enjoyed last year, for my sister’s 40th.

Such is the standard of service and food here in glorious Yorkshire.


Both my Mum and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everything – from the delicious food to the attentive service and elegant surroundings – was impeccable.

It’s not often you can say that, is it?

But, there’s a very good reason why Bettys is such a well loved British / Yorkshire institution and has been going since 1919.

And that’s because, when it comes to our beloved traditional afternoon tea, this wonderful company really has got it down to a very fine art.

So go, try it for yourself and treat a loved one if you can. I promise you, you will absolutely not regret it.


Many thanks to Bettys for kindly inviting me to review their incredible champagne afternoon tea and to the staff who did a wonderful job of making both my Mum and I feel so welcome and cared for.


With love,







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  • Looks very elegant. I’ve been to Betty’s for afternoon tea a few times (although it was a while ago). The first time was when I treated my bestie to a surprise trip to York – booked her train tickets and afternoon tea at Betty’s as a treat for her 21st. Would love to re-create that! The second is for Mother’s day 4 years ago – myself, my mum and a 2 year old Heidi enjoyed afternoon tea and it was just as wonderful.

    • Thanks Samantha. Love how you’ve been twice, it really is so wonderful isn’t it? Between you and I, I’m already planning when I go back! ;-) x

  • Ohhhhh I dream of going there! We were on holiday up there a few years back but Zach was tiny, fast asleep and the queue was out onto the street! It looks amazing and I adore afternoon tea. Maybe one day I’ll make the very long journey up there again and make it inside :) xx

    • Yes, they do queue for yonks to get in, but that’s for a cuppa and whatever you fancy cake wise downstairs. However…if you book afternoon tea upstairs, no queueing! Something to remember if you ever manage to make the long journey again :) X

  • I went to this as well and loved it! I think it definitely stacks up against some of the more well known and expensive afternoon teas in London for sure.

  • Ahhh looks and sounds like you had an amazing time and love love the vintage style afternoon tea. That’s my momma’s kind of quality time together. She loves that england do afternoon teas when she visits we always look for new places to go. You and your mom look so happy together. Lovely post.

  • Oh Kate that looks glorious! We do love afternoon tea and when we visited York last year, Bettys was on our hitlist – alas, it was on everyone else’s too and the queue was crazy!

  • I grew up in Harrogate so been to both Harrogate ones quite a few times. My parents have just moved to York so I’ll have to go the York Betty’s next time I’m up visiting. It looks so amazing. Those cakes, wow! x

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