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PoutingFINAL 30  Award Winning

Pouting In Heels won Best Parenting Blog (Mums) at the Northern Blog Awards 2017.

Pouting In Heels won Best Parenting Blog of the Year (2014) by The Blogger’s Lounge.

Kind Words (from some very kind people)

Cash from The Comeback Mum for Blogosphere Magazine:

“Kate is a one-woman whirlwind of real life inspiration and sassy northern soul! She writes about motherhood, womanhood, fashion – and she’s certainly not one to hold back her opinion! Pouting In Heels is such a happy place, a blog I have followed for years.”

Chloe from Life Unexpected:

“From the minute you read Pouting In Heels, you want to be Katie’s friend and you also want to celebrate women everywhere. Her honest, insightful posts will always leave you feeling inspired.”

Donna from What The Redhead Said:

“Pouting In Heels has typical family stuff – pregnancy updates, days out, milestones. But, it also has so many posts that could easily be in a magazine, the sort of thing that most people – women especially – could relate to.

Kate writes really well and her posts are the kind of thing you can really get lost in – a post that you can enjoy whilst drinking a whole cup of tea. One that you can read on a whole train journey and ones that you’ll remember long after you read them.”

Kelly from Dream in Lace: “The word I choose to describe Kate is ‘frank’. Not in a blunt, outlandish sort of way – but with a sincere openness to talk about subjects sometimes we don’t want to approach.

“Oh sure, she writes about pretty things and her daily adventures. But she’s also not afraid to speak out -her openness is so refreshing. Reading her blog is honestly like having a conversation with a close friend. Who doesn’t want that?”

Leigh from Headspace Perspective chose Pouting In Heels as one of her five favourite blogs that aims to make a difference for TOTS100:

“Katie writes a glamorous blog with a diverse range of posts… but most of all I love the posts that encourage us to love ourselves more. Each of us gets down on ourselves from time to time, and we can be our own worst critic – about our lives, our parenting, our careers, or our body image. Katie writes some fantastic pep talks that help put the spring back in her readers’ step.”

Sian from The Adventures of a Potty Mouthed Mummy picked me as one of her five favourite blogs for TOTS100:

“Katie is a real knock you on the head, flipping fabulous writer. There are so many parenting blogs out there with different niches, but when you find one that is written by a really good writer, you just know.

“I adore her posts, she writes with guts from the depths of her soul with raw emotion, and I love a blogger who trusts enough to share that much with us. She is a wonderful lady and her writing inspires me to think more about crafting my posts and to find the writer in me. This is probably my favourite post of hers.”

Michelle Reeves, Freelance Writer &  Blogger:

“Pouting in Heels stands out in the blog crowd. Kate’s confident and supportive voice shines through every post, whether she’s writing about fabulous fashion or important women’s issues. Reading her blog is like having a natter with a good and very glamorous friend… I LOVE it!” 

Matthew Murray, iBelieve magazine:

“Katie is friendly, likeable, efficient and most of all, good at what she does. From writing about fashion, gift ideas or emotional and difficult personal stories, Katie’s work has always been of an excellent and professional standard. I’d highly recommend her.”

Justin Williams, creative director, D4:

“If you are considering hiring Katie then you’re about to miss your chance. She’ll be long gone by the time you’ve got in touch. Why? Well excellent copywriters get snapped up. Quick. Probably by me!

“As creative director of D4 I rely on top quality wordsmiths to help bring our ideas to life and Katie is one of my best writers.

“Always on time, clients love her, technically proficient and creatively inventive. She’s so sharp I’m not sure why I’m recommending her to you. Forget everything I’ve just said.”

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