THIS morning I’ve been publicising myself and my work…

As you can currently find me featured on the fabulous new Activia UK website as one of their feel good bloggers.

A rather lovely blogging career highlight, that’s for sure!

Truth be told, I’m proud as punch.

Anyway, you can find me here and read all about my top tips on how to love your body, if you fancy it.

But now, if it’s ok with you, I’d like to move on…

Because seeing the website this morning got me thinking about the ol’ feel good factor.

And it got me thinking about how much of it we have ourselves, or, how much of it we do our best to pass on.

Mulling this all over, it suddenly struck me that there is one person in my world, who is just brilliant at making people ‘feel good’.

One person who does it naturally.


Like she was born to do it.

And that person, that little fabulous person, is my daughter. Elsie Florence.

At just three years old, Elsie is a master of spreading ‘feel good’ vibes.

Wherever she goes.

And not just to me, her Dad or her besotted grandparents. But to friends, other family members and even strangers.

Yes she has her testing moments. Yes she can drive me to despair on occasion, with her demands and pre-schooler tantrums, as all kids can.


In the main, she truly is an expert at making people feel wonderful. Special. And loved.

So how does she do it? Well in lots of ways.

But here are the main things that I’ve noticed about her which make my heart swell with pride…

Feel good Elsie

She tells people she loves them.

Elsie is never afraid to share her feelings or to declare her love for others.

One day you might be her ‘ best friend’ – a special place for anyone who captures her little feisty heart, the next possibly not. *winks*

But if she likes you or loves you, trust me you will know about it.

I’m lucky, because I pretty much get told she loves me every single day. Not sure how this will pan out when she’s thirteen, but we will see.

Next, she demonstrates her happiness at being around other people.

She hugs tightly, she showers people with affection, she smiles and laughs. So, so much.

Being in the presence of others makes her feel good and by demonstrating that joy, it makes others feel pretty damn good too.

Win, win.

She notices the little things.

The things we miss. The things we forget to pay attention to. The things we’re too busy to ‘see’.

Like the tiny black and green beetle that was crawling over our back door step yesterday.

Normally I wouldn’t have even spotted it.

But with Elsie at my side who noticed the little creature straight away, I spent at least a few minutes watching it run about and getting on with its business.

That sure ‘felt good’ to take some time out and just be for a moment or two, I can tell you.


And finally, she understands what is really important in this world. And doesn’t forget.

Being so young of course means Elsie has no worries. Unlike us adults, she has no bills to pay. No tea to make. No responsibilities to bear.

So because of this she can concentrate her time fully on life. As all kids should be able to. And oh how she does!

Playing, running and having a ball.

Loving, laughing and learning.

Finding joy, discovering the world around her and soaking up every single drop.

Spending time with my daughter is the greatest education I’ve ever had. And the greatest reminder of what is important.

As well as, what isn’t.

Yes life is busy. Yes we all have a million and one things to consider every day.

But when it comes to the ‘feel good’ factor it actually is really very simple.

If you want an example of how to have more of it and give more of it, then just watch a three year old child in action.

Or failing that, at least take a moment to stop and watch a beetle.


With love,




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  • I feel much the same about Kara, who is of a similar age. It’s a beautiful time in a child’s life. They are old enough to articulate their feelings properly but young enough for them to still have an unfiltered view of the world – what you see is what you get, honest and lacking in cynicism or that sense of jadedness that pursues us as adults.

    So when she runs up to me when I come home from work with a beaming grin and a hug and tells me that she loves me, I know she means it. It’s so powerful as a parent to be loved like that – it validates what we do. It also means we’re more forgiving of those times when their outlook on life is not so sunny … ;-)

    • So true Tim. Their honesty, joy and lack of cynicism is just magical isn’t it?! Where would be without them ey? ;-)

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