March 2017


EIGHT weeks into second time motherhood and I’ve already sussed out the baby products I cannot live without. Many are the same as when I had Elsie over four years ago, but others are new to the market or certainly new to me! One of the hardest things I think, when you’re pregnant, is figuring out what’s worth spending your hard earned cash on. Let’s face it, the baby market

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IT’S been a while but I haven’t forgotten about you all I promise. Life is wonderful, hectic and at times pretty chaotic at the moment but we’re all settling into our family life happily and loving having little Leo around. Little Leo who is now not so little (although will always be my ‘dink’) and is six weeks old already. Six weeks old! I tell you time is flying by

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ONE of the loveliest things about having a newborn, I think, is the fact you get to pop them in the cutest sleepsuits or outfits, often many times a day! (I think my record is four outfit changes in a day up to now!) So when the Disney Store got in touch and asked if they could send me an outfit from their new baby range, well I couldn’t resist.

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