IT’S true, I really have!

Just think about what you look for in a beach bag…

Room – to stash everything in.

Waterproof – so your stuff doesn’t get ruined.

Stylish – so you look sensational on the beach. (Naturally.)

Tick. Tick. Tick.

This beauty of a beach bag from Catherine Kelly has it all.  Which is unsurprising really when you consider that Catherine Kelly is an Australian fashion label.

After all, there isn’t much the fabulous Aussies don’t know about beaches and making the most out of the sunshine.

bag full shot

Catherine very kindly sent me this bag to try out and I have to say it’s a real little belter.

wearing bag

I adore the vibrant Aztec print and the fact that the bag is lined, helping to ensure that no pesky grains of sand get into your bag and ruin your belongings!

close up print bagside shot bag

I also love, love, love the fact that the clever design means you can extend it’s size and cram even more into the bag.

Because let’s face it, if you’re anything like me, you take the kitchen sink and everything else with you when you can go to the beach, particularly even more so if you’re a mum.

bag shoulderoverhead shot

Sadly, as of yet, I haven’t given it a trip to the seaside (however that will be happening soon – keep your fingers crossed for more super weather, Brits!) but I have used it a number of times already for picnics.

Annnnd…even a blogging photoshoot! (I tell you, it’s a very useful bag, folks!)

If you’re going on your Summer jollies soon and are desperate for a beach bag that will do a stylish and practical job, then please do check out Catherine’s lovely selection of bags.

They’re a great little investment and in my opinion, you will struggle to come across anything as wonderful for the beach, on the high street.

(Shipping is quick too, even though they do come from the other side of the world!)

Many thanks to Catherine for my super gift.

Beach bag turned to camera 2

I’m now off to dream of beaches and reminisce about my visit to the land of Oz, many, many moons ago… *sighs*

With love,






Disclaimer – I was very kindly sent this bag as a gift, but as always, all opinions are my own. If I wouldn’t recommend it to a best friend, then I will not recommend it to you. x


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