SHAKESPEARE once said: “All the world’s a stage”.

And I happen to think he’s right.

But what about our stages?

The places where we shine. The places where we feel at home. The places where we come alive.

Have you found yours yet?

It’s a funny question to ask granted, but bear with me. Because the inspiration for this post came from the absolute legend that is Oprah and well, if that’s not enough reason to keep on reading, then I don’t know what is. (*winks*)

You see, last week I hopped on YouTube and sat down to a mammoth Oprah session, including an interview in which she spoke to students from Stanford Business School.

During which she explained the importance of us all finding our own stage – the platform through which we can communicate with others and share our talents.

Throughout the interview she talked about her TV network and her Oprah show, and how she used these as her stage, through which she could help people and do the work she was supposed to do.

And it got me thinking.

Where is my stage?

Where is my happy place, which makes me feel magnificent?

Where is the environment which always feels good to me?

And within a flash, the answer came.

My blog.

This very blog that has changed both my life and me, since I first launched it over three and a half years ago.

Pouting In Heels is my stage because it allows me to share my thoughts, my ramblings and indeed, my very world, with you.

It provides me with a powerful platform.

It gives me a voice.

It allows me to communicate.

It is my stage.

And for all the bloggers out there, I’ve no doubt you will feel exactly the same. Makes you think doesn’t it?

But what if you don’t have a blog, what then?

Well, I think there are all kinds of stages.

Perhaps your stage is the workshop where you create spectacular pieces of art or make jewellery? Perhaps it’s the classroom where you teach future generations? Perhaps it’s your home which you lovingly look after and spend your time on?

Or perhaps it’s just you.

Besides this blog, the next stage I have is, I guess, my daughter Elsie.

My most important ‘stage’ of all.

Have you found your stage

At just three years of age, I am still her world and continue to do my job as her mum to help her become the very best ‘Elsie’ she can be.

Yes she is her own creation, her own person but I created her and continue to help to mould her, so I guess you could say our children are our ultimate stages are they not?!

And what about relationships?

Surely these are a kind of stage too?

Our relationships with our partners, loved ones and friends are all platforms through which we can project ourselves, make a difference and showcase our talents. Just like any job, they all require work, love, maintenance.

We all have the ability to shape people or change someone’s day, through our words, actions and vibes.

So there are all kinds of stages we can create for ourselves.

And when we find them, when we realise what they are, then the next important question to ask ourselves is, I think, how do we use them?

Because we cannot shine on them if we don’t turn up.

We cannot shine on them if we don’t do our best.

We cannot shine on them if we’re not happy there.

Do we use them to do good? Do we use them for our own purpose or for the benefit of others? Do we make them positive places to be?

Our stages are our places to light up. Through which we can contribute to the world. It doesn’t matter if they are big or small. Public or private. Impressive or modest.


All that matters is that we find them and use them to create something fabulous.

I’ve most definitely found / realised my stages.

So, I ask you again, have you found yours?

(And if so, what on earth are you going to do with them?)


With love,



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26 Discussions on
  • Er how cute is that pic? I love it!

    There are several scenarios where I shine, but yeah I would have to agree with you on the blog…its there i’ve found my voice, a place I can properly articulate myself and speak of the things I feel passionate about. I love that I have it!

    Great post (again hah) x x

  • I love Oprah too – always watch Super Soul Sunday on You Tube. I think writing and my kids are my stage and the volunteering I do. Those are what fulfill me the most. Great post and a beautiful picture of your daughter x x

    • She’s just the BEST isn’t she Aimee? Such a wise, brilliant woman. Love your answer and thank you so much for your kind words. I love that pic too! x

  • Gosh what a good question. I’m not sure I’ve really found mine, maybe I have but I’m not quite lighting it up yet. I’m going to really think about this though and make sure I’m doing my best to show off on it once I’ve worked out where it is. X

    • It’s a great question isn’t it?! Really makes you think. Get busy lighting up your stage darling, you’ll figure out where it is soon enough I’m sure. :) x

  • That’s so wonderful to have found your stage, it’s so important for your self esteem and confidence to feel inspired and valued.
    Love your blog! Off to read your archives

  • Another great post and just adore that photo of Elsie. My stages I would say are blogging, writing, the babes (although they are definitely their own stages), consulting, my family.

    And the dance floor baby ;-) x

  • This post caught my attention for two reasons: a) the beautiful picture of your daughter which is definitely worthy of a canvas and b) the word stage…and then when I read on, the quote. I’m a drama teacher and the quote “All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players” is one of my favourites. My stage is my classroom mainly, my blog is becoming my stage but I’m still trying to find time to develop it. Thanks for sharing. I really connected with this post #SundayStars

    • Ah thanks so much Becky! So glad it connected with you and yes, I really should get this photo printed out. :) x

  • It’s a lovely concept, finding your stage, so glad you’ve found yours. As I started to read I’d decided mine was definitely my work, but of course you’re right that my family are absolutely the people that allow me to shine the most. #sundaystars

  • I realised only today – after five very hectic working weeks – how important writing for myself is to my wellbeing. Like many others my own blogging and writing efforts are my ‘public’ stage, I guess.
    My more private stage – where it’s just me but where I feel utterly at one with the world – is when I go running. Just me, the Scottish countryside, my trainers and my earbuds. Bliss. And so important for being able to cope with whatever else life throws at me!
    Great post Kate. As ever. C x

    • Thanks so much. And I can definitely relate. Writing to me, is as critical to me as breathing! I would be sick without it :) Lovely to hear how much pleasure you get from running too. x

  • I love this! I can definitely relate, my blog is definitely my stage. Great post, really makes you think, and in the best way :-) #SundayStars

  • Fab post and a great question. For me, the idea of having a stage suggests acting and being someone, putting on a persona. I don’t think I could call my blog me stage for that reason – it is me. Just as I am. The most honest reflection of who I am publicly. I suppose for me, my classroom is my stage – I may not shine in all my lessons – but I have my audience and my content to deliver.
    Thanks for linking up to #SundayStars

  • All the world’s a stage. Thanks for penning such a thought provoking post. I would have immediately said my blog (or trying to build it – it’s still missing some wood and steps, I think) but yes, family, friends, work, places/people where you help/volunteer.

    I once saw a young well heeled young lady holding two cups of coffee, presumably on her way to work. She then stopped, knelt next a homeless person and gave him a cup of coffee and went on her way, obviously she does this regularly. Five seconds. But as I watched her, that five seconds to me, would be the equivalent to performing on the Royal National Theatre. Because I’ll remember her performance for as long as I live even though she never knew I was applauding her.

    • What a wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing. Incredible how even the smallest gestures of kindness like this can transform people’s lives and days. Amazing x

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