I LOVE  a good piece of art. Or a pretty picture.

But let’s be honest, it’s not so easy finding stunning prints or art work that is both affordable and easy to frame.

Particularly, if you’re anything like me and have a wee penchant for gallery walls!

But folks, I think I may have actually found the answer thanks to the work of a Scandinavian company which has recently launched in the UK.

Desenio is a Swedish based company that offers trendy, affordable art prints and posters online and I have to tell you, that I am absolutely smitten.

Most of the designs are created by an in house team, which is why there’s a huge choice of fantastic Scandinavian design to choose from. However the company also works with artists from around the world too.

The company very kindly asked me select a number of prints and frames to review and in all honesty, when I first visited the website and saw how cheap some of the prints are, I wasn’t expecting much.

Which I feel truly awful about now, because let me tell you, I was wrong. And I’m super happy to admit it!

Both our frames and ‘pieces of art’ were delivered quickly, arrived in immaculate condition and what’s more, the prints and posters are of a really good quality. I am, as you can probably imagine, thoroughly chuffed.


For the living room, I ordered five prints (my favourite is that large beauty in the middle called ‘Dreamer’) of varying sizes and frames (gold edged) to create an easy gallery wall above the sofa which has been bare for years! (Doing up a house takes time people!)

And I’m so, so happy with how they look.


My idea for the layout came from the website too, because what is particularly wonderful about Desenio (in my opinion) and what I feel I must mention here, is that there is tons of inspiring ideas and support on the site which just makes life easier!

So for example, once you find a print you like, it will suggest groupings of artwork or pairing of prints to you. Invaluable if you’re struggling for time or just boggled by the amount of prints on offer.

It even gives you clear examples of how to display the prints together, which is how I came up with ‘my five’.


Besides the gallery wall, I also ordered a lovely print for Elsie’s room – a world map of animals which she adores. Again great quality and gorgeous design.

As you can probably tell from this glowing review, I adore this site and actually feel pretty excited about discovering it because it’s just so brilliant!

In fact, I cannot fault it. Because as far as affordable, fantastic art work is concerned, it’s pretty damn perfect.

(And you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll be back very, very soon.)




Disclosure – this site was created in collaboration with Desenio however as always, all words and opinions are my own.



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