DO you drink enough water?!

I know I don’t.

Or should I say, I didn’t until the lovely people at Sodastream got in touch and asked me to take part in their ‘hydration challenge’ – swapping my endless cups of tea for glasses of sparkling water.

When I was a little girl, I longed for a Sodastream as all the ‘cool kids’ at school had one at their homes. But as an adult, I was a little skeptical about owning one.

Could it really change my drinking habits?

Could it really help me drink more water?

The answer?

Well yes it has!

In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that the SodaStream has become one of my family’s ‘must have’ kitchen items.

As invaluable to us, as say our kettle or toaster. Really. It’s been quite an eye opener.


To take part in the challenge I was sent the SodaStream Power to use – which quickly and effortlessly turns normal tap water into sparkling water.


You simply fill the SodaStream bottle with tap water, lock the bottle into the machine, choose your required level of ‘bubbles’ by pressing a button (the ‘fizziest’ number 3 for me) and watch as the water is transformed in front of your eyes, in seconds!

Bubbles crop

Then once it’s done, you just pop your bottle in the fridge to chill and drink as desired.

It really could not be easier. No faff and no fuss.

soda drink

Over the past few weeks I’ve been drinking glasses of the fizzy stuff and have definitely noticed a difference.

My skin is a little clearer, my energy levels a little higher and I’m less hungry too! (Great for helping me to stop nibbling on Elsie’s lunchtime leftovers!)

All in all, this challenge has definitely demonstrated to me that I haven’t been drinking nowhere near enough water.

And that, well now, I have no excuse!

I’ve been drinking my sparkling water on it’s own, but have also got a little creative (!) and have been busy delicately flavouring it too, by chucking in some chunks of fruit.

soda with lime close up

Anything from limes and strawberries, to lemons – or my absolute favourite – oranges.


SodaStream makes the act of drinking water feel like a treat. And what’s more, I’m not the only one in my family, to be a fan.

drinking soda and orange

My husband, who has never drank enough water (sorry my love!), amazingly has got on in the act too and is drinking glasses of the fizzy stuff with big chunks of lime and loves it!

And Elsie, although she likes it with less bubbles, has been drinking it too! With fresh orange juice for a special treat.

Which is brilliant isn’t it? A much healthier ‘pop’ version for kids than all the devastating sugary stuff.

If you want to increase your water intake (and let’s face it, most of us could) or if you want to encourage your partner or kids to increase theirs, you really can’t go wrong with this snazzy machine.

It’s fun, it’s ridiculously easy and it really will become a kitchen must have.

And let’s face it, when you’ve had enough of drinking water, well you can always add a splash of sparkling water to your glass of wine or favourite cocktail instead.

The SodaStream. See?

So. Many. Uses.



With love,






Disclaimer – I was sent a SodaStream Power to use for this challenge / review, however as always, all opinion are my own.

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