HANDS up who could do with more sleep? Or at the least, better quality sleep?

Yep my hands would have been up like a flash too a couple of months ago.

Until eve, the ‘experts in sleep’ (as I like to fondly call them) got in touch with me to see if they could help.

We have had two big sleep problems in our house recently. One, being Elsie who for reasons unknown to the hubby and I, often likes to wake up multiple times a night.

And the other being me, or should I say pregnant me, who also currently wakes up at least a couple of times before the morning.

So could eve help us? Well astonishingly (and very kindly) they have.


First of all, the lovely team offered us one of their super duper memory foam mattresses for Elsie’s single bed. An offer we couldn’t turn down, especially when you read their reviews!


The mattress arrived beautifully packaged – I have to say all of the eve packaging and branding is an utter delight as you can hopefully tell from the photos – and was incredibly easy to manoeuvre onto Elsie’s bed frame.


And as for the comfort, oh my.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been envious of anything my daughter has, but I’ll be honest on this occasion I am, as her mattress is just an utter delight in comparison to ours – another memory foam mattress, yet sadly nowhere near as comfortable!


Made up of three foam layers that are surrounded by a plush fabric cover, the mattress is without doubt the comfiest I have ever slept on. Which I did just one night last week, when I slept in the same bed as Elsie who was waking up unsettled and needed some reassurance.

Interestingly, when I wake up in the morning, I normally have a very stiff back (thanks to an old back injury) but on this occasion, after sleeping with Elsie for the night, I woke up feeling absolutely fine! (And a bit amazed.) Impressive huh?


As for Elsie’s reaction, well besides being giddy with excitement when we popped it on her bed, on the first night, upon laying on it, she said: “this is the life!” High praise indeed from a picky four year old!

Has it improved Elsie’s sleep? Well that’s always hard to tell, as she’s never been the best sleeper. But it’s certainly much easier to get her into bed, which is I think we can all agree, is an excellent start.

As for the husband and I, we were also kindly sent some products to try out from eve – two of their pillows as well as their new bedding set.


The eve pillows are memory foam pillows so are very different to ones we have previously used, much firmer for starters, so they did take a little getting used to. However a good few weeks in and I have to say I’m now well and truly converted.

They’re incredibly comfortable, they keep their plumpness and shape (like a dream) and what’s more I no longer wake up with a crick in my neck. If you’re looking for new pillows, I can wholeheartedly recommend them to you. Just be aware if you’re used to feather down pillows, it may take you a few days to get used to the firmness.


And finally, it’s time to talk about the bedding.  Oh the bedding!!!

You know when you stay at a posh hotel, how heavenly the quality bedding feels when you climb into bed after a long day? Well this is how I now feel every single night, with this bedding on our bed. It really is utter luxury.

The king size set they sent us featured a fitted sheet, duvet cover and two pillowcases, again all lovingly packaged. The set even comes in it’s own little bag, perfect for keeping it all together, when it comes out of the wash.

And as I say, the quality is just wonderful.


Made with 100% cotton, the sheets are incredibly soft on the skin and so comfortable. They feel delightfully cool at first until they warm up and are hands down, the best sheets I’ve ever used on our bed.

Currently they’re only available in plain white, which for some people’s tastes may be a bit plain. However personally I love the blank statement this luxurious bedding provides and like to add different throws (including this vintage bedcover which as luck would have it matches the brand’s colours!) to it, to add some vibrance.



All in all, if you hadn’t have guessed already, as a family we’re all absolutely besotted with our eve products and cannot recommend them highly enough.

They’re made a massive difference to the quality of our sleep, particularly mine, but more importantly than that, they’ve made us happier.

Going to bed now feels like a real treat. Which when you consider we spend about a third of our lives asleep, has to be the very least we all deserve.

Many thanks to Eve for sending us their wonderful products to try out.
Disclaimer – These products were sent as gifts, but as always all opinions are my own. 
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  • These look amazing! I’ve seen eve around and their ads too and it’s good to read a review of their products. We’ve got an awful mattress and I am desperate to replace it, so have been checking lots of reviews lately. Eve looks really good!

    Btw I love white sheets too, there’s just something classic and timeless about them :)

    • Their products really are amazing. I’m sure you’d love them too and I totally agree with you on the white sheets. Classic and timeless, what is not to love?!

  • We have an Eve mattress on our bed and absolutely love it! It still has that new mattress feeling over a year later I can’t believe how comfy it is. I didn’t know that they did other products too though I’m off to take a look now!

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