FRIDAY FIVE: Things I’ve learnt and loved this week


IT’S Friday! So it is of course time for another Friday Five!

Is it me or are the weeks absolutely whizzing by at the moment?!

Anyhow…for today’s post I am back with my second vlog! Yes folks, after the lovely reaction I received to my first ever vlog (if you missed it, you can catch me here talking about THE book that changed my life) I’ve been inspired to keep on having a go at the ol’ vlogging.

Here I am talking about five things that I’ve loved and / or learnt this week. (Which includes my fabulous new manicure and a lesson that we all need to learn and stick to!)

Enjoy, let me know your thoughts (as always it is a ‘joy’ to hear from you!) and have an amazing weekend!! Don’t you just love Fridays?!



With love (and pouts)




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5 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Things I’ve learnt and loved this week”
  • I LOVE IT!!! Great vlog, you are as lovely on camera as you are in person xxx so natural and thank you so much for your tips, I’m going to do them all…starting with the sales this afternoon. I’ve been feeling a bit miseral – not obviously, it’s just sort of underlying – and I think you hit the nail on the head with taking a bit if time out. I’m always thinking about work or working, so it’s time to do a few nice things for myself :)


  • My beautiful friend, the camera LOVES you-seriously and I adore this vlog, Elsie is incredible and love the lessons she keeps teaching you, we all need to slow down, one of the greatest thing about having little ones is reliving the little things through their eyes! Those nails look fab too! We so need to do a vlog together girlfriend, got to get back to vlogging, been years! Can’t wait for the next one and your hair (ooh la la). Smooches x

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