FRIDAY FIVE: Some body image inspiration…


I’VE been a little quiet on the blogging front of late.

We’re having a new kitchen put in currently which means life is a little chaotic and so, finding the time to sit down and blog has been, shall we say, a challenge.

Especially when there are more pressing matters to deal with such as, which kitchen tiles should we pick?! It’s serious stuff I tell you. ;-)

Anyway, hopefully I’ll be back to full blogging speed again soon although you may have to bear with me and my sporadic posts for a wee while longer!

But now on to today’s Friday’s Five…

Last week I blogged about my love for my post-pregnancy body which received an overwhelming response. I can’t tell you how totally delighted I was that it provoked such a positive reaction from all you wonderful ladies. :)

Since then I’ve been keeping my beady eyes open for more inspiring body image stuff and so for today’s post, I though I’d share some of the best pieces I’ve come across online recently.

Read them, be inspired and let’s show our bodies some much needed love and appreciation.

  • This piece on body image written by my blogger friend Samantha Hadadi is as inspiring as it is honest. One of the most moving and courageous pieces I’ve read in a long time. 
  • Finally, I’m going to finish with the wise words of Kate Winslet (borrowed from the Brisbane Kids FB page):


Ladies, it’s time to start talking positively about our bodies. If not for ourselves, then for future generations. Let’s make the change today.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Till the next time, know that you and your body are beautiful.



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4 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Some body image inspiration…”
  • Ah Katie, you just brought a tear to my eye! Thank you so very much. I’m now going to sit down with a cuppa and read these other articles – what a brilliant post!

    I adore that Kate Winslet quote too. Let’s stop hating our bodies and start loving them! I’m so glad there are such brilliant bloggers like you out there to promote healthy body images. You are an inspiration – Elsie is one lucky girl!


  • This body image stuff is as important as it is ridiculous. By that I just mean that something which should be irrelevant to our sense of self worth, oh so is super-important. We cannot pretend to our children that they will not see or be affected by media, peers and our own perceptions of our bodies, and all of these articles and comments are really valid and worth spending time to absorb… and that’s what I am just about to do! Thanks so much, great GREAT post. I wrote about my choice to stand firm against my food and body demons a while ago, and its especially important to me having a daughter. Did I say great post? xx

    • I LOVE this comment. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts Zaz.

      You’re absolutely right, it is ridiculous that something which should be irrelevant to how we feel about ourselves and others, has become so important.

      Really glad you enjoyed the post. I think it’s important to be as positive and supportive of each other and hopefully articles like these will go a little way to helping.

      As a mum to a young daughter too, I am determined to make sure that the way I talk about and relate to food and my body is only ever positive. x

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