FRIDAY FIVE (KINDA): A Vlog about the book that changed my life

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Now then, I am very nervous about this. Very nervous indeed.

*takes a deep breath*

Because for today’s post, I have decided to be daring and tackle a personal fear of mine by doing my very first Vlog! Eeek!

After being inspired by the talented Zaz at Mama and More, I thought I’d get  to grips with something I’ve wanted to try out for ages and say hi to you all on camera! (Get ready to be dazzled, amused or god forbid irritated by my dulcet Northern tones!)

To make my video debut, I couldn’t think of anything better to talk to you all about than my love for a book that helped me do one of the boldest things I’ve ever done. A book that really did change my life.

It’s a little longer than I intended (I was hoping for 5 mins but what can I say, I’m a gal who can natter!) so you may want to grab a cuppa before you settle down.

Right, are you ready! (I’m not sure I am, but what the hell!). Here we go! *runs and hides*

(Please do let me know what you think! Just be kind, I beg of you! )



Are you still with me?! What do you think? Should I quit while I’m ahead or would you like to hear more of my Rochdale twang in the future?!

Have a sensational weekend!

With love and pouts,



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21 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE (KINDA): A Vlog about the book that changed my life”
  • Aw love this darling and as you know, think your accent is gorgeous! I adore this book (thanks for the mention and recommendation)-it reaffirms the brave choices I’ve made throughout my life as a filmmaker and blogger-I really think having cheerleader parents that valued and pushed me in some respects as well as an inner drive and tenacity helped hugely. It’s a wonderful book to help you realise your potential and it will keep me following the road I’ve started!

    Fab video blog, I’ve made a vlog with vlogging tips (not that you need them) for BritMums years ago which is on my homepage sidebar-really need to take my own advice and make more, loved Zaz’s too! x

  • Awww katie I loved watching this, u r a inspiration and very brave! Im so happy for you. X

  • I am SO pleased I was the prompt for you to do this vlog! You definitely have a face for camera, and I love your accent. You were so passionate about the book which I’d read about in your last post that I’ve just downloaded it onto the kindle (don’t hate me, but in on the dark side!). Really inspiring post lovely, I’m at a real crossroads, so perhaps a good time for me to take this all on board. Xxx

  • Well what a fab 1st blog! You’re a natural Katie. All I can say is I’m off to Waterstone’s to buy Linchpin! Keep vlogging honey! Lisa x @ukglowology

  • Thank you so much everyone! Your comments mean the world to me and you’ve all been so incredibly kind. If I can get just a few of you to read Linchpin, then it was worth facing my fears for! ;-)

    Between you and I – I rather like this vlogging lark! x

  • I have been umming and ahhing about freelancing for ages. I don’t work and am on sickness and disability benefits, taking the plunge to freelancing is utterly terrifying. Whilst I am not able to work in the “out to work” sense, with my son starting school in September I am just as scared at the “What the heck am I going to do now?!” thought, so much so that I am doing courses through OU, on a bit of a whim!

    I think I will have to buy a copy of that book!

  • I love this – the book looks fab, I really must get a copy. I’m freelancing and very up and down, some weeks I’m all GO GO GO and really proud of what I’m achieving, other weeks I bury my head in the sand and don’t stand up for myself. I know I don’t get the level or quality of work I’m capable of and could push for better pay and relationships. People will only respect your work as much as you do.

    • Thanks Eliza! Freelancing is a tough ol’ gig, wonderful but tough and if it helps, I often feel that way too. You’ve just got to keep your head high, work head, think positively (not always easy I know!) and take one step at a time. It’s a learning curve but respecting yourself IS the key.

      If it helps I’ve written all kinds of stuff about freelancing on my professional site (including how not to be taken advantage of and how to spot nightmare clients!). You can find it here:

      Do let me know if you grab a copy of Linchpin! x

  • Hey darling, this post has just made me remember a post I wrote a while back which includes some books that changed my life when it comes to writing and screenwriting so I wanted to share in case you fancy checking them out. They are great for whatever stage writers are at in their career and I love them wholeheartedly.

    Becoming A Writer-Dorethea Brande

    The Artist’s Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

    The Art of Dramatic Writing-this one changed my perception on people and their motivation-incredible insight into character!


  • I am so so glad I came across your vlog post I am just about to buy this now.. I have now left my office job (yesterday) in order to better my health and focus on me but this also means following my dreams too and working on The Lifestyle Kitchen.. Katie great inspiration Thank You and look forward to following you.. Claire xxx

  • This book is INCREDIBLE-still reading it and I feel like I’m going to keep re-reading it forever to keep me on the Linchpin path, to inspire me to keep on track because it is awesome, you are awesome and we my friend are born linchpins! xThanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  • Fab vlog, especially as your first attempt. Honest Mum sent me here and I’m glad she did. The book sounds really inspiring – I am a fan of Seth Godin but haven’t read this book. Especially like the lizard brain analogy – so true! Thanks so much for recommending and thanks for an informative and inspiring vlog. x

  • Hi Katie, I’ve only just discovered your blog in the last week and honestly it’s already one of my faves. Can’t believe this is your first vlog, you’re a pro! Definitely, definitely, DEFINITELY going to buy this book. Time to fight the fear! Fab post. Maria x

  • Why haven’t I seen this awesome vlog before?? YOU *points* are a natural on camera and you should be vlogging ALL THE TIME. Seriously, I loved watching this and listening to your passion about Seth Godin’s book. I’m inspired! I’m invigorated! Thank you, thank you for starting my Monday off with a bang x x x

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