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Now then, I am very nervous about this. Very nervous indeed.

*takes a deep breath*

Because for today’s post, I have decided to be daring and tackle a personal fear of mine by doing my very first Vlog! Eeek!

After being inspired by the talented Zaz at Mama and More, I thought I’d get  to grips with something I’ve wanted to try out for ages and say hi to you all on camera! (Get ready to be dazzled, amused or god forbid irritated by my dulcet Northern tones!)

To make my video debut, I couldn’t think of anything better to talk to you all about than my love for a book that helped me do one of the boldest things I’ve ever done. A book that really did change my life.

It’s a little longer than I intended (I was hoping for 5 mins but what can I say, I’m a gal who can natter!) so you may want to grab a cuppa before you settle down.

Right, are you ready! (I’m not sure I am, but what the hell!). Here we go! *runs and hides*

(Please do let me know what you think! Just be kind, I beg of you! )



Are you still with me?! What do you think? Should I quit while I’m ahead or would you like to hear more of my Rochdale twang in the future?!

Have a sensational weekend!

With love and pouts,



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