FRIDAY FIVE: Gorgeous statement necklaces…

2013-03-08 13

IT’S all been rather serious on the blog of late, so here’s a little fashion frivolity for today’s Friday Five.

Truth be told, when it comes to jewellery I’ve always been a large earring kind of girl at heart. But now with beautiful little Elsie around, I’ve had to ditch the Pat Butcher style earrings for a while, in order to hang on to my ears!

Instead of wearing earrings, I’ve found myself opting for necklaces. Big chunky, statement necklaces at that. (I don’t really do small and dainty when it comes to jewels.)

Statement necklaces are the easiest way to turn a plain, boring outfit into something chic, stylish and fashionable. Making you go from drab to fab in an instant. As an often exhausted mummy with very little time, believe you me, it’s a good style tip to have under one’s skinny belt.

Here are five big, beautiful belters that I’ve come across of late. Which one would you pick?

collage 1 finished

1 –  Byzantine necklace. Bright stone and scalloped fine copper tier statement necklace. £234 by Leju at
2 – Jewelled dream necklace. £85 at ASOS
3 – Neon geometric shaped necklace. £13.95 at What’s About Town


collage 2

4 – Chunky gold necklace. £39 at Astrid & Miyu 
5 – Fitzgerald silver mirror perspex spike necklace. £55 by Jennifer Loiselle at

Till the next time, learn to rock your own world! And Happy Easter!



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9 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Gorgeous statement necklaces…”
  • Wow what a gorgeous selection! I’ve just bought a beautiful statement necklace from Zara today! Love the Bottica picks! You have awesome style & so wise too “learn to rock your own world”- love it x

    • Wonderful! Statement necklaces are the best and as for Boticca, I could have chosen all 5 necklaces from their incredible selection! It’s an amazing site x

  • Oh Katie, this has made me laugh regarding your Pat Butcher earrings, oh and by the way your earrings are way too classy to regard them as Pat Butchers!!! All these necklaces are very nice, but if I had to choose one or even two, I would choose errrrrm No. 3 and No. 5. Carry on wearing the lovely necklaces for a wee while, or your ears might just want re piercing like I had to do as everything drops or droops when you get elderly. Loved this blog, wonder what next week will bring? See you next week! XXX

  • I adore the first two which, typically, are the two most expensive! My favourite to wear a statement necklace is with jeans and a t shirt – I love the contrast x

    • Me too Hazel! I also love to wear them over a plain jumper. They’re so easy to wear but so glamorous! x

  • I love your blog, and I couldnt resist stop to say how beautiful are these statement pieces of jewellery!!! My favourites are No 1 and No 5.
    Thanks for sharing them with us!!!

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