FRIDAY FIVE: Five things I’ve learnt about people when it comes to success


AT the grand ol’ age of 33, here’s what I’ve figured out about people so far when it comes to success.

1) People will often underestimate you…

And that’s ok. Let them. For it is their mistake. Smile sweetly, safe in the knowledge that your brilliance will one day shock them to their core and rejoice in their surprise when it does. It isn’t what other people think that counts, but what you know and believe to be true that matters.

2) Most people fall into two camps…

They’re either a doer or a watcher. They get stuck in or they stand at the side lines looking on. They engage or they don’t. They inspire or they mock. Which one are you? Pick a camp and pitch your tent.

3) People love to hate…

Often more than they love to love. If someone hates you, your work, your writing, your style, your ‘whatever’, take heart. You’ve made an impact. You’ve created a reaction. If someone has an opinion of you, that’s good. It’s always better to be hated or disliked than ignored.

Often people won’t like you, just because you’re achieving or getting good at something. My advice? Don’t bother even trying to get them to. Reserve your energy for those that do, keep on doing what you are doing and don’t take it personally.

4) It doesn’t matter how successful any of us are…

When it comes down to it, we all just want to be thought of as being special. To know that we are loved. To know that we are valued, liked, respected or admired. To know that being here, on this amazing and often crazy planet, matters to someone, somehow. Remember that every time you meet anyone.

5) Successful people may make it look easy…

But don’t let them fool you. They work really, really, REALLY hard.

Till the next time, believe, believe, believe and always aim for the stars.





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5 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Five things I’ve learnt about people when it comes to success”
  • Such fabulous advice lady.

    I always remember wise words from Uni lecturers and later Exec Producers to “value every single person on your team/crew” and it’s true-everyone is literally walking around with an invisible sign saying ‘value and appreciate me’…I really always aim to and my crew are like my family. Those words always stuck with me.

    I do think especially in these technical times, tone can be lost online and people can quickly take you wrong and you others.

    Also success is relative. Health, happiness and love is what truly matters. Fab post as ever, thank you x

    • Thank you and I completely agree, success is relative. I’d rather be more successful as a mum for instance than as a successful businesswoman.

      Loved hearing about the wise words passed to you from Uni lecturers too. To ‘value every single person’ is the best advice ever I think. It’s important that we recognise that everyone matters and that we all have a contribution to make no matter how big or small. Thanks for sharing x

  • I can very well relate to this post and I agree with you completely.

    Most of the people often talks about being a leader and doing things but in the time of war, they become followers.

  • Not just a brilliant blog post but a bloody brilliant one! I love this! It’s so true. Oh and you are absolutely amazing, and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! Mwah!

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