FRIDAY FIVE: Five reasons why you should dress UP on a Friday

dress up Friday

I’M sat here at home typing away.

When I look down I can see my purple tights and my heeled ankle boots and every so often, one of my favourite statement necklaces that I’ve chosen to wear today, just catches my beady eye.

And I have to tell you, I rather like it.

You see this morning when I woke up, I thought sod dressing comfortably today, I’m going to make some effort and rock a skirt and hell yeah, a bit of faux fur too. Why? Well between you and I, I’ve had enough of dress down Friday (or dress down ‘any day’ in fact) and I’ve decided to rebel.

And guess what folks? I want YOU to join my  rebellion.

I hereby urge you all to turn against the laziness and comfort of dress down Friday, break the rules and dress UP instead.

Need convincing? No problem. Here are my five reasons why you should.

It’ll get you into the weekend spirit!

Friday is officially the start of the weekend, so I’ve never really understood the whole ‘dress down’ thing because surely we should be ‘dressing UP’ to celebrate?!

There is no better way (without alcohol) to get excited about the weekend than to break out one of your favourite outfits and inject some serious glamour into your day.

And trust me, when your work colleagues, throw an impromptu gathering at a local bar after work, you’ll be thanking me for urging you to look your best.

It’s gloomy enough without gloomy attire

I love this time of year, but even I have to admit, everything can feel a little gloomy when the dark nights draw in and the days turn cold, wet and grey.

One of the best ways to fight the gloom is to inject some fabulous into your day and the easiest way to do this is with your clothing. I mean, why else do you think we find sequins all over the high street, at this time of year?!

Looking like a million dollars every day is pretty impossible when you’ve got a busy life to lead I grant you, but one day, one little day, is doable, surely?

So if you need to wear your work ‘uniform’ for most of the week because it’s easier, fine, go ahead. If you need to slob about whilst you’re at home looking after a toddler or two, fine, I understand, I really do.

Do comfort, do safe most of the week if you have to, but at least make the effort to dress UP on a Friday and help fight the winter gloom.

It’ll help you prioritise yourself

Imagine, just for a second, if you could find a little more time in your day – hell, week even – just for you. Sound nice?

Well now you can. I want you to use dress UP Friday to motivate yourself into carving out a little extra ‘you time’ so you can enjoy the process of getting ready, getting creative with your wardrobe and making yourself look and feel fantastic.

Just set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier than usual and use that as your time to have a shower, try on a new frock or find the right pair of earrings to match your beloved top.

Getting up earlier might not sound too appealing, especially at this time of year. But, by rising earlier on a Friday morning, you’ll be inspired to make the most out of the day and yourself and it’ll help you look forward to the weekend. And hey, if it really is almost too much to bear, just remember you can have your Saturday lie-in tomorrow. (Unless you’re a parent of a wee one like me, that is!)

You’ll stand out, in a good way

Have you ever looked at old photos from bygone times and thought how smart and attractive people used to dress? Or wandered around your local town on your lunch break thinking how slovenly people have become and how unstylish they look?

There’s no doubt about it folks, the world is becoming a scruffier, less stylish place. More and more people throw on any old thing in the morning and head out for the day without giving their attire a second’s thought. And now with dress down Friday, you can even go to work looking super casual!

So why not buck the trend. Make an effort with what you wear and watch the heads turn as you walk down the street. When everyone else is looking casual, dressing up will get you noticed and remembered. And really, what’s not to like about that?

Just because…life’s too short not to make an effort!

I’m using this cliche again but it’s true! How many of you have a wardrobe jam packed full of gorgeous clothes and accessories that never see the light of day because you’re saving them for best?! I know I do!

Isn’t it time we stopped hiding our most wondrous, most treasured pieces of fashion and get out there and share them with the world? You don’t need a reason to dig them out, just the motivation to do it!

So let me give it to you.

Take dress UP Friday and use it to rock your most divine, stylish items and inject some glamour into your life. Don those ridiculously high heels to go to lunch, throw on your majestic fur coat when you’re heading out to the office and use your most expensive handbag!

It will make you feel fantastic. It will make life seem fun. It will urge you to get creative. It could, dare I say it, even change your life.

Let’s make Friday Fashion bold, fabulous and FUN again. I beg of you.


And to get the ball rolling, it’s not often I share what I’m wearing but today I’ve decided to do just that. Here is today’s dress UP Friday look!


Till the next time,





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11 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Five reasons why you should dress UP on a Friday”
    • Haha! Thank you! And doesn’t it just? I’m exactly the same, dressing up makes me feel good and happy! x

  • Everyday is dress down day for me, I work from home, Friday is my day off when I always plan something fun to do for myself, I like the idea of dressing up that day too because comfortable gets boring, so I’m gonna dress up too, thanks for the inspiration!

  • I’ve learn a few good stuff here. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting.

    I wonder how a lot attempt you set to make such a fantastic informative web site.

  • By a Friday I’ve run out of smart work wear that fits me, so I am a dress down Friday person. Not helped by finishing early to do nursery pick up so it means I can go straight into that as well.

    Love the idea of dressing up and I’ve a whole wardrobe full of lovely clothes…just none of them fit me. So weight loss and get fit first (I’ve been saying it since the Summer and failing miserably, but we’ve now got a work team challenge from next week, so going to have to make more effort), by the new year I hope to be turning over a newer dressing leaf. #thelist

  • Ha ha, like your approach. The days of me having to dress up or down on a Friday are long gone. I tend to dress comfortably but like to make some kind of effort. If you’re a stay at home dad like me, you have to. If you’re the only dad in the playground at the end of the day you need to look approachable and like you care how you look. As it happens one of the mums, who happens to be a stylist, stopped me in the playground a couple of days ago to compliment me on the colours I was wearing. Yes…me…and I’m a geezer! #thelist

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