FRIDAY FIVE: Fabulous christening gifts that won’t cost the earth…


IF you’ve got a christening coming up and are stuck for present ideas, then fear not.

Here are five lovely christening gifts, that will cost you less than £20 and are a little bit different to the norm. After all, there are only so many silver spoons and egg cups a child can have ;-)

* Name a star

Yes folks for the un-princely sum of £20, you can name a star after someone for eternity.

As someone who loves to aim for the stars (and gaze at their prettiness) I absolutely love this idea. In fact, I love it so much, I actually bought and named a star for Elsie as one of her special christening gifts.

Now and for the rest of her days, Elsie will be able to look up at the stars and know that there is one up there named especially after her. What can be better than that?

Love this idea too? You can purchase a name a star kit from John Lewis right here.  *Note this would also make a fabulous ‘new baby’ gift.

* A book or set of books

In my eyes, books will always be gifts that just keep on giving! Delightful books provide hours of endless enjoyment so you can’t go wrong with a lovely book or book set for a christening gift.

Either opt for something traditional like Alice In Wonderland or a beautifully bound bible (christenings are a religious ceremony after all); or go for something ultra modern, like the Gruffalo or anything by Roald Dahl.

Want to make it extra special? Don’t forget to sign and date the book/s and leave a special message inside!

* A piece of art

Ok, before you have a panic attack, I’m not talking about remortgaging your house and selling your soul to buy something by Damien Hirst or Banksy. No,no, no.

I’m talking about something simple, thoughtful, pretty or lovingly homemade by you. If you’re a creative type, it’s time to get crafty and create a piece of artwork. You could draw, paint or print something thoughtful or quirky and get it framed.

And if you’re not good at making stuff, don’t worry. Why not frame a famous quote, vintage postcard or a retro child’s poster instead? You could even take hand or footprints of the child and get them framed.

One of Elsie’s most thoughtful christening gifts came from her ‘happy Grandma’ who made plastercasts of Elsie’s hand and foot and framed them with a beautiful picture of her, for us all to enjoy.

Gifts like these are ultra special so be unique, think outside the erm…frame and let your creativity run amok!

* Something of yours that they can enjoy when they’re older

This one will cost you nothing, apart from a bit of thought and perhaps a little digging around.

If it’s a baby girl that’s being christened, have you a cherished piece of jewellery that you could pass on to her like a silver charm or antique brooch? Or what about one of your much loved vintage purses?

Other ideas could be a selection of your favourite recipes written down in a pretty book, a teddy from your childhood or a classic vintage tea cup.

And for boys? How about an old comic book, signed football, retro toy or your favourite album?

Pass on a little something that you love which they can cherish – or make fun off ;-) – when they’re older. They’ll love you for it.

* A promise that you’ll keep… forever

This one is ideal for godparents, members of the family or close family friends. If you can’t afford to spend much money or are completely out of ideas, then all you have to do is this:

Make a promise that you’ll keep for a lifetime

Simple and profound, all you need to do is make sure that whatever promise you make, comes from your heart.

Think about what you’re good at, what contribution you can make in this little person’s precious life and then write it down on paper as a gift and stick to your word. No excuses. Words are hollow without action and commitment.

Promises that are meant and kept for a lifetime are priceless and will bring much more joy and happiness to someone’s life, than any meaningless trinket or stuffed toy.

Wondering what I mean? Here’s a few ideas to get your creative juices going:

I promise to…

– Always teach you about the joys of reading

– Always buy you an ice cream of your choice whenever we hear the ice-cream van

– Always make time for fun

– Always buy you something interesting on this date every year

– Always show you how to do something, whenever I can, as long as I can.

– Always be here, with a listening ear and loving heart.

What do you think of these ideas? Have you got any corkers of present ideas you want to share? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Till the next time, only ever give something, if you want to.



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“FRIDAY FIVE: Fabulous christening gifts that won’t cost the earth…”
    • Yey! So glad to hear it! I think promises (that are kept) are an amazing thing for a godparent to do :) x Hope you all have a fabulous day at the christening! x

    • You def should Franki! For £20 it’s amazing, Elsie’s has come with the exact location so we can even plot it on a star map.

      Just think of when they’re older looking up at the stars, thinking one of them up there is named after me! x

  • Hi Kate, aww thank you for mentioning me ” Happy Grandma” for me making the hand and foot print, and if I can do it anyone can believe me. Although there is instructions you can actually have a look on youtube videos on any tips on how to do it, and if for some reason it doesn’t turn out you can always buy the alginate on the Internet. The finished product is absolutely beautiful and you will feel so amazingly proud with yourself. I love the idea of the star, I think that is a beautiful idea and think that will be my next present for my other Granddaughter Pollyana, and it doesn’t matter how old they are in years to come like Kate said the star will always be up there, now that has brought tears to my eyes. XXX

  • Oh darling, what gorgeous and meaningful ideas. I love the naming of the star one and of course the promises-my brother is Oliver’s godfather and there is no one I love more to guide him! Alexander’s christening will happen when he is 1 and I will take to his future godmother about a promise to make for him. I hope to always be there for my kids…you might live to regret the ice cream van one…think we are! hehe x

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