FRIDAY FIVE: Brilliant reads…


IN an attempt to ‘slow down’ a little, (see previous post) today’s Friday Five is not about me waffling on. Oh no!

Instead it’s about me sharing some link love and recommending some pretty awesome reads by some pretty awesome people, that I’ve been lucky enough to come across recently.

Grab yourself a cuppa, get comfortable and prepare to be entertained and quite possibly inspired.

Happy reading!

* For parents

How many times do you compliment your child?

This thought-provoking piece from Ronit Baras provides some gems of compliments if you’re lost for words when praising your child and also highlights the importance of positive words and encouragement.

* For bloggers

This from the legendary (and one of my all time favourite bloggers) Gala Darling reaffirmed my belief, that we always write and perform better as bloggers when we stay true to ourselves.

An inspirational piece especially if you’re feeling a little dejected about your blog right now.

* For ladies everywhere

Here’s some food for thought … do you find that your friends hate you when you become successful or that they envy your success?

The super talented and very lovely Dexterous Diva provides some wise words on how to deal with female toxic jealousy.

* For word fans

If you haven’t discovered this incredible blog yet, then let me have the pleasure of introducing you! Letters Of Note is an amazing compilation of personal and fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos.

This letter by Marilyn Monroe provides a fascinating insight into the life of a troubled but adored global sex symbol.

* For inspiration

Stylist magazine brought together many a wise word of inspiration from the mouths of fabulous women to celebrate last week’s International Women’s Day. Read it then print it out and pop it in your bag for those days when you need a little boost.

Till the next time, why not pass on some link love yourself?! Feel free to share some brilliant reads below in the comment section.



P.S Finally, I just want to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who so kindly nominated me for a MADS blog award. I didn’t make the final selection, however… I am absolutely thrilled just to have been nominated (especially as in blogging years, mine is just a tiny infant!) so thank you everyone for thinking of me. 

Also, a HUGE well done to all those who did make the final cut! Don’t forget to support your favourite blogger and show them some love! x

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4 Discussions on
“FRIDAY FIVE: Brilliant reads…”
  • Hello – I’ve only recently discovered your blog but I’m definitely a fan already, this post has given me lots of fab stuff to read up on – that’s my night sorted now ;)

    • Hi Karen! Thanks so much for your comment. Always lovely to hear from a new ‘fan’ ;-)

      Hope you enjoyed the reads and found them inspiring! x

    • Yey! Glad to hear it! Really enjoyed sharing the work of others. May have to do it more often :) x

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