FRIDAY FIVE: Bobby dazzler earrings (the very best kind in my opinion)…

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WHEN it comes to jewellery, there’s nothing I love more than a great big pair of bobby dazzler earrings.

In fact, just call me Pat Butcher. Seriously. I would take that as a huge compliment. That woman knew her earrings.

I’ve lost count of the amount of pairs that hang in my jewellery cabinet but suffice to say dear readers, I own quite a few.

Unfortunately though I’ve recently learnt that bouncing babies and dangly earrings just do NOT mix, so until Elsie gets a little older, I’ve had to abandon my beloved earrings for a while. (Because I rather like my ears and would like to keep them.)

However, in the meantime, that doesn’t stop me looking or drooling over some serious earring delights.

Here are five simply stunning pairs of dangly earrings to make you gasp with pleasure.

Buy them and wear them whilst you can. Your lobes will love you.

collage earring 1

1 – Triple drop earring, ASOS £25
2 – Fringe earrings, Primark £5

collage earring 2

3 – Redangle earrings by Zelia Horsley Jewellery at £110
4 – Earrings, River Island, £12
5 – Fantasy crystal light turquoise earrings, Martine Wester £75

Which ones tickle your fancy?!

Till the next time, deck yourself out in jewels (costume or otherwise)!



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1 Discussion on “FRIDAY FIVE: Bobby dazzler earrings (the very best kind in my opinion)…”
  • Oh wow Kate love them all but for me I just love number 3 . . . . Just seen the price of them blimey just a tad too
    dear for me, there again the ones from primemark are very nice who would have thought they was from there, will look out for those. Toodle pip till the next time Kate XXX

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