FRIDAY FIVE: A few recommended reads…


IT’S Friday, so it can only mean one thing. It’s time for another Friday Five post!

Unfortunately this week hasn’t quite gone to plan as I’ve spent most of it looking after a very poorly and tired little girl. Elsie has experienced her first proper cold so has needed many cuddles and lots of TLC. (Don’t colds just suck?!)

So the post I’d been planning to do will just have to wait for another time and in it’s place, is one less about me and more about others!

Today’s Friday Five is about showcasing a few excellent reads. Here are five online articles I’ve read over the past week or so that I think are rather brilliant.

Enjoy and spread the word!

  • “Are you a writer or a blogger?” Which camp do you sit in? Which one do you side with? Do you think someone can be both? This article raises some excellent points and certainly got my cerebral cogs turning. My answer? I am a writer. Simple.
  • This man changed my life. Or to be more accurate, a book he wrote, that I read, changed my life. If you haven’t heard of Seth Godin yet, look him up and read his stuff. He talks so much sense, I often find myself nodding along as I read his ridiculously wise words. This post on “Respect and Love” talks about the importance of magic. Are you creating enough?
  • I love every single post that this man writes because he’s a brave, honest and soul-baring writer. The very best kind, in my humble opinion. This recent post of his is particularly touching and uplifting. It’s also got an erm…interesting title: “Spelling boobies.”
  • And finally … I defy you not to cry reading this if you are a parent, about to become a parent or are as broody as hell.  “Call 999” is an old story from the Guardian archives and celebrates the miracle that is birth as well as our amazing emergency services. Just lovely. Really lovely.

What do you think of these? Have you read anything incredible this week?

Till the next time, this weekend is due to be a scorcher (apparently) so make the most of the sunshine!



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