FRIDAY FIVE: 5 steps to pretty summer feet

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AS a Mum, a little spot of pampering is now a HUGE luxury these days.

(I know some of you will be nodding along in agreement to this!)

But with the weather turning warmer and sunnier (although admittedly not today) I decided I had to find the time to take my feet out of winter hibernation and treat them to a bit of tender loving care. Afterall, who wants ugly feet right?!

Here’s how to get pretty summer feet in five easy steps.


pretty feet

Step 1: A quick tidy up

Yep, before the pampering begins you need to take care of the basics. So remove any old nail varnish, trim and file your nails and show those cuticles a little love too.


Step 2: Enjoy the bubbles

Now the basics are all taken care of, it’s time to indulge and relax! Altogether now…aaaah.

I soaked, rested and massaged my feet using this divine Elle Macpherson Aromatherapy Foot Spa by HoMedics. With double the bubbles of other foot spas and a built in aromatic mister  (swanky ey?) my feet really did feel reborn after. (Told you I don’t get much time for pampering these days).

The only thing missing was a glass of wine in my hand, but still it was a much needed treat. Haven’t got a foot spa? Fret not my lovelies, while this one is definitely worth splashing out on (get it?!) if you’d rather not, I reckon you could still get good results using just a bowl of warm water, some peppermint oil and a pumice stone.


Step 3: Get buffed! 

Once your feet are soft, relaxed and feeling just damn right fabulous, now is the time to tackle those not so nice bits. You know, the bits we’d rather ignore. Areas of hardened skin etc. Gross I know.

I exfoliated and buffed my feet to baby softness with the brilliant Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother by HoMedics which at just under £20 is well worth the investment. But again if you haven’t got one to hand, a decent foot scrub or rub with a pumice stone will produce similar results.


Step 4: Add colour and polish

If naked toe nails are your thang then embrace them sister. But personally, I cannot stand unpainted toe nails! In fact whenever I remove polish from my nails, I’m always like “Wow, so that’s what you look like!”.

I used Babydoll Pink 08 from the COLLECTION Work The Colour Nail Polish range. And although normally I’d go much darker than this, I have to say I rather like it. Quite understated no?! Don’t forget to add a top coat to seal in that colour, add shine and help them stay chip free too.


Step 5: Moisturise

Some people may tell you to moisturise before you add your polish, but I like to do it afterwards as it feels like the icing on the cake to me!

After checking your nails are dry, completely dry (we don’t want any smudges!), rub in some cream – or better still get someone to rub it in for you – all over your footsies and treat them to a good ol’ dose of moisture!

My favourite cream at the moment is this Organic Manuka Honey Rescue Cream from Dr Organics. Besides the rather sickly honey smell (which is just not to my liking) you can’t go wrong with this pot of wonder stuff! It makes your skin super soft and has the most divine texture. (And if you fancy treating yourself to a pot, move quick! It’s currently on offer at Holland and Barrett, reduced from £8.89 to £6.67!)

And then voila! There you have it. Pretty, pampered feet ready for summer. As easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5! Now then, where are my flip flops?


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Please do join me on Monday when I’ll be discussing how getting naked is helping to boost women’s confidence! (Ooo-er!)






*Disclaimer – HoMedics kindly sent me all the above goodies to try. (I know, I’m an incredibly lucky lady aren’t I?!)

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