I’VE been meaning to do more vlogs for ages so hopefully this will be the first of many more to come.

Most of you will know by now that I’m pregnant (if not, where have you been?!) so welcome to my first pregnancy vlog in which I share with you all, how I finally sorted out my wardrobe to make it maternity friendly!

(Not an easy task, I’m sure you can imagine!)

I’m very new to this vlogging game (and boy it is harder than I thought! Muchas respect to all the super vloggers out there!) but I do hope you’ll enjoy it and perhaps even find it useful.

Not to badger you all (because I know how busy life can be etc) but if you do like it, well it would totally make my day if you’d give me a thumbs up on YouTube or even better, come and subscribe to my wee video channel which is still very much in it’s infancy.

I’ll be your friend forever. *winks*

For those of you who may be also ‘up the duff’ like yours truly (that phrase always make me hoot!), well you can expect plenty more pregnancy vlogs to come. Watch this space.

And for those of you who aren’t, well all I can say is that I’ll try my best not to bore you all and will definitely cover some other stuff too.

By all means, if any of you have got any questions about anything or would love me to do a vlog on something in particular, then please do shout, holler, harass (nicely) etc.

I’m all ears.

Thank you so much for watching and please be kind to this newbie vlogger who is still most definitely finding her heeled feet when it comes to this kind of media.

(I’ve got soo much to learn…)


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