EVER wondered how women years gone by looked immaculate?

How their clothes fitted them so well? How they always looked pulled together and groomed?

Well the secret is that their clothes were made for them or that they made their clothing themselves. No cheap fashion, ‘grab something off a rack’  in decades past.

Nope. Their clothes were made to fit their bodies and suit their shape and boy, didn’t they look incredible for it?

These days we’re all so used to popping on down to our local High Street to pick up a garment or two, but what if there is another way?

Imagine if we could go back to a bespoke offering, to find clothes that suit us and that we love in return.

Well you beauties, I have wonderful news! Because now you can, with the brilliant new online retailer Fox in a Glove.

Fox in a Glove is a genius website that allows you to order (as they call it) ‘made to measure, made to treasure’ items of clothing for a really good and I think, pretty reasonable price.

I absolutely love, love, LOVE the idea behind the brand and the ethos:

“Celebrating and making the most of your individual shape, enjoying body positivity and reconnecting with your clothes lies at the heart of what we do.”

Absolutely fabulous huh?

skirt close up

To test out the super service, the lovely ladies behind the site invited me to choose a garment and so I opted for this stunning pink A-line skirt, made from hand woven French fabric.

Ordering was a total breeze. I just took a couple of measurements, entered them online as I ordered and within a week or so, my stunning bespoke skirt was in my hands!


(Just one little tip – make sure you’re a little generous when measuring as items are made exactly to your measurements, so to avoid disappointment or discomfort, don’t breathe in when you’re measuring! They’re only numbers afterall right?!)

skirt reviewskirt fuschiaCRU BAG CLOSE UP 2

For the shoot I teamed the skirt with a white cotton shirt from Atterley Road, my favourite summer heels from Joe Brown and another super lovely bag from the wonderful CRU.

(I never thought I’d ‘do’ a backpack, but this classic Old Nichol Backpack is fast becoming a favourite!)


I’m a huge fan of Fox in a Glove and have already spotted a skirt I want for AW15 as well as a dress! And I just know you’re going to love the site too.

Clothes that fit our bodies and our beautifully made – I ask you, what is not to adore about that?!


With love,






Many thanks to Fox in a Glove for my beautiful skirt! x

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