FEATURED POST: Dress your babe with style!

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YOUR babe may be little but it doesn’t mean you can’t dress him or her with style!

Thankfully, today’s baby and toddler clothing is just as chic as the outfits that us trendsetting mums are sporting.

Babies are no longer confined to wearing bright colours or t-shirts adorned with popular children’s cartoon characters because of the incredible clothing designers and retailers out there who are creating unique, stylish baby attire.

Here are some ideas to help you create fun and fashionable outfits for your bundle of joy.

Go organic

As a mummy who loves her fashion, I like to keep up with the trends but I also like to be environmentally friendly wherever and whenever possible. This is why I always try to look out for  Global Organic Textile (GOTS ) as all of their products are 100% certified organic.

Go crafty

If you’re a crafty mum why not channel your inner artist by creating your own baby clothing? Combine subtle, low-key colours like sophisticated grey with classic baby designs to make your cherub stand out from the crowd.

Go edgy

Baby garments with unusual, yet subtle embellishments give any outfit flair! Add ruffles and lace to pieces such as baby grows, tiny tees, jumpers, and other outer garments, to make these items super stylish.

Punked out pieces are another new trend in baby fashion with many designers creating clothing and accessories with a rock theme. Luckily, finding cool baby pieces isn’t as difficult as it used to be as designers are now making their tiny fashions more accessible by offering them in retail and department stores such as Marks and Spencer, allowing you to dress your child in style without breaking the bank.

Go ‘all grown up’

If you’re looking for inspiration for your children, why not dress them as ‘little adults’.

Baby boys sporting vests and tailored trousers always look charming whilst little girls look precious in dainty printed or colourful dresses. With the warmer seasons approaching, pieces like these will fit perfectly in your child’s spring and summer wardrobe.

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“FEATURED POST: Dress your babe with style!”

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