IF you’re of a nervous disposition or reading this in a crowded office, you may want to pop back another time!

Because folks, I’m about to start talking about sex.

Oh yes baby!

Making love. Getting jiggy. Being naughty.

Whatever you want to call it (or like to call it), let’s face it, sex is one of those fabulous pleasures in life, that costs nothing but feels totally amazing. (If done right, naturally.)

At the beginning of any relationship, sex is always hot on the list and top of the agenda, but when careers and babies and life happen, our sex lives can take a big ol’ hit.

It’s normal, it happens to everyone (yep, everyone) and is kind of inevitable. But hey, wouldn’t it be nice to spice things up a bit and get those er…juices flowing again?! (Sorry!)

There are loads of ways you can do this of course – a night away for knackered parents is an absolute must for starters! – but if you fancy something a little different, then read on.

Because today I want to introduce you to The Fantasy Box.


The Fantasy Box is a luxury service which sends themed boxes complete with instructions and products (including lingerie!) to couples who’d like to ‘explore new dimensions of their relationship’.

And, to be honest, just a really brilliant idea that can help to enhance your sex life or give it a bit of a boost. How do I know, it’s rather brilliant?

Well, because I was sent it and after trying it out, I can, hand on heart, say that the husband and I pretty much loved it.

Now before you all scream “too much information!” don’t worry! I promise you I’m absolutely not about to go into the (pardon the pun!) ins and outs of what we got up to. A couple should have their privacy after all!

But I can tell you this, The Fantasy Box is a really lovely and fun parcel that you will both enjoy.


It’s also beautifully packaged and all of the products are of a really good quality.

There were all kinds of things in this box (!) but my favourite thing had to be the black lace lingerie set which surprisingly fitted me like a dream and was super flattering. Looking sexy always helps you feel sexy, right?!

The idea behind the box also is very clever, as it provides each partner with a role in a scenario as well as instructions to follow.

Leader? Follower? Which one would you choose?!


Before you get cracking with the box of goodies, you’re both encouraged to each fill in a questionnaire about your individual desires and needs and then talk about them over dinner! And this is the bit that surprised me the most, because it proved to be really enlightening and well, pretty empowering.

I mean, I ask you, when as a couple do you actually sit down to discuss these things? It just doesn’t happen does it?

But I’m beginning to think it should.

Because you see…besides the hot sex, really what The Fantasy Box is actually all about, is encouraging better communication and intimacy.


About getting you to both take a pause from the demands of modern life and devote some quality time to each other.

About helping you to have fun together again, like the early days, so you can create a more meaningful, passionate and loving sex life.

For both of you.

And when you think about it like that – jokes and puns and embarrassment aside – that’s a very lovely and important thing, indeed.

And one which I believe, is well worth investing in.


With love,






Disclaimer – This post was created in collaboration with The Fantasy Box, but as always, all opinions are my own.

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