IT’S finally happening…

In a few days Elsie will be all settled into her ‘big girl’ bedroom whilst I mourn the loss of her nursery and how quickly she seems to be growing up. (I know, it’s pathetic right but you just know there will be tears!)

Elsie’s nursery was the first room we did up in our new house because – crazy people that we are – we moved in when she was just six weeks old.

I took such pride in designing and decorating her nursery, spending ages on everything from choosing the right fabric for the curtains to deciding where I was going to hang her pictures.

However this time round things are a little different, it’s a needs must situation (she desperately needs more room and to go in a ‘proper’ bed) so we’re moving her in first, and the renovation will follow soon after.

When it does happen though, here’s what I will be bearing in mind to try and ensure we get it right…


Thinking about the best use of space

In Elsie’s new room, we’ve already decided where the bed is going to go (away from the windows, near a radiator, against a wall) and I’m now busy thinking about where and how she can play and relax.

I want to give her room to run wild (she’s a lucky girl as the room is a big size so she’ll be able to do this) but also make sure she has a comfy corner / reading nook where she can chill out, read books or just get comfy.

Toddlers have lots of different needs so I want Elsie’s bedroom to reflect this, enabling her to both sleep and play well.


Making sure it promotes good sleep!

Elsie isn’t the best at sleeping so over the past few years I’ve tried and tested all kinds of tricks to try and help us all get some much needed kip. And one of the most important things I’ve realised is that Elsie’s room needs to be dark for her to sleep well. Any light just wakes her up and unsettles her.

We’ll more than likely be using black out curtains again, but you may just need dark curtains or if your child’s room has a roof window, a special VELUX roof blind to make sure the room is as dark as possible for them to sleep.


Getting my toddler involved

Elsie is very excited about moving into her new bedroom, you may even say she’s giddy! And I think part of the reason why she seems so happy about it, is because I’ve tried to get her involved as much as possible.

She understands that this is her special room and also that she has some say in how it’s designed and decorated (within reason obviously!).

Little things like allowing her to chose her duvet cover and asking her opinion about where she’d like her toys to go seems to to be really helping with the transition so I’ll definitely be doing my best to keep her involved as the decorating progresses.


Realising it’s not about me, it’s about HER

When I decorated Elsie’s nursery, I had free reign with how it looked and how we decorated it. But this time round it’s different.

Naturally in my mind I have ideas of how I would love her room to look but I’m also reminding myself that just because I love something, doesn’t mean Elsie will. For eg. I’ve seen the most adorable (and stylish) duvet cover for her bed but…Elsie wants her Frozen one.

I know there will be some things that crop up that we can’t compromise on (you know for safety etc) but now she’s older I think it’s important to try and incorporate her likes and dislikes as much as possible.

And who knows, hopefully, if she’ll love it as much I think she will, she may even like sleeping in it ALL NIGHT LONG.

I can’t tell you how good that would be folks. How good that would be!  *crosses fingers*


What do you think mums and dads? Have you got any top tips for me? Any amazing decorating pearls of wisdom?

With love,












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  • From what I’ve read, involving a toddler in decorating their new room is a must for a smooth transition. As is a blackout blind, a custom made one is a great idea! I can imagine there will be some tears (but only from you! :-) – I hope she likes it, you’ll have to post some pics!


    • Yep definitely seems to be the key to a smooth transition! Thanks Mrs B, will def try and share some pics soon. X

  • We’ve just moved our little girl into her new room and we’ve done it similarly to you. We kept the walls a neutral colour but have decorated with spotty wall stickers! I let my little girl decorate her bedside table in the same stickers, which she loved doing! We also asked her where she wanted pictures hanging etc! So far she loves it and has slept really well. I’m sure your little one is going to love her big girls room x

  • I found getting my eldest involved in where the old things were going helped, we sold the old cot and let her chose what to do with some of the money, let her move her books across and put things wherever she wanted them to go etc. I also made a big thing of the ‘baby’ things going to other babies and that she was being so kind :)
    Also- you will cry, I sobbed as my first born snuggled into her new bed, I’m such a wuss haha!
    Good luck!

    • Great tips! It really is about getting them involved isn’t it?! And yes I know, there will be definitely be tears from this Mama! x

  • Ah how exciting for her! Agree with getting her involved. We’ve kept my daughter’s room quite natural and gone for full size adult furniture (adult single bed) to give the room longevity. We added a dress up box too which she adores. Her moving to a big girl’s room coincided with her giving up her dummy (her choice) so we re-thought the whole bedtime routine too and added a CD player so she could listen to relaxing music as she falls asleep.

    Have fun!

    • Brilliant tips Sian – Elsie has got a dress up box which she loves but I may have to pinch your CD player tip! (Although we’re not quite ready for giving up the dummy just yet! *gulps*) X

  • Oh wow! Good luck, I am sure she will love her new room!! We moved the twins out of the baby nursery they shared and into their own rooms, which I wasn’t sure how it would go. They were fine! Lottie had a woodland themed girls bedroom and Harry a cars/trucks one! Getting them involved is definitely the key :) Jess x Thanks for linking up again #sundaystars

  • I haven’t touched Elsa’s bedroom since we moved into the new flat in October and I’ve been thinking about decorating it and sorting it out properly recently. She is 18 months old now and she hates being stuck in her cot but loves my proper bed. I think she’s still a bit young for a bed but I am maybe contemplating moving her into one fairly soon because I think she will sleep better in there. My plan was to make her room Doc McStuffins themed to match her beanbag but she seems to be in a Peppa Pig kick at the moment so maybe that would be a better choice. I never got to decorate a nursery for her at the old house as we didn’t have one for her so I’d love to go to town on a special space for her!

  • Very useful post for me, thank you, Kate! I am planing to move my little boy next week to his new bed, but I am still not sure whether not to leave the old one too, so he could get to use to it…

    • Good luck Ashley, it went much better than I expected. We made it all very exciting for Elsie and her ‘big girl bed’ and it worked a treat. x

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