IT’S not often I share our family life on this blog.

But Elsie had such a wonderful party with her friends at Wigfield Farm on Saturday, that I’ve decided I just have to!

Wigfield Farm is a local farm, near to where we live in Barnsley and it’s a working farm, which teaches students.

It’s also one of Elsie’s favourite places and one of ours too.

I’ve lost track of the amount of times we’ve popped along on a Saturday morning to see and feed our favourite animals, so it’s safe to say, that when I was wondering what to do for Elsie’s birthday, there really was no other choice.

And I’m so glad I went with my heart on this one, because let me tell you, as kid’s parties go it was a cracker.

The Activity Worker Lindsey did such a brilliant job of looking after us, introducing the kids to the animals and making Elsie feel so special, that I cannot thank her enough. Isn’t it lovely when that happens?! (Thank you Lindsey!)

And here’s how we got on.

The party all began with a visit to the reptile room and a few introductions to new friends.

First up, we met ‘Shelly’ the tortoise…


Then (my favourite)  ‘Sid’ the lizard…


and then, ‘Sasha’ the snake…


Next up, was a special treat for Elsie (and me!) as we were allowed into the meerkat enclosure to stroke and feed the meerkats.

Honestly, I don’t know who was more excited.


Followed by a tour around the farm where we got up close and personal with all the usual friendly suspects –  sheep, cows, goats, rabbits and guinea pigs.


After ‘getting down’ with the animals, it was time for lunch and the kids all tucked into a lovely cold buffet prepared by the farm staff.


Elsie has been obsessed with Toy Story for an age, so we went with a Toy Story theme.


We used this brilliant Toy Story party pack from Party Bags and Supplies which had everything we needed for the table including napkins, table cover, plates (which we used at home on her birthday), cups and also the party bags.

(It was an utter god send to be honest as it made life so much easier!)


And besides the Toy Story bits and pieces, we also added in some stunning personalised posters and banners from the amazing company Hello Party! to decorate the room.

Aren’t they gorgeous?! (More on these to come!)

Elsie bannersparty room

And the cake?

Well, after trying and failing to get Elsie a Toy Story Cake sorted in time, I did what any clever, time strapped Mum does and hot footed it down to my local M&S and bought one, adding ‘Jessie’ and a few candles to finish it off.


But it worked right?!

Finally, after the food, the singing and candle blowing (which nearly made me cry!) it was time for the kids to let off some steam with a few party games and a good ol’ bounce on the bouncy castle.


All in all, it was an absolutely wonderful party and Elsie, who was actually pretty poorly, on the day, loved




Huge thank you to everyone who came along to join us and especially my pal Laura who has very kindly let me use some of her pics for this post – do check out her super FB page to see more of her stunning photography!

Many thanks also to Party Bags & Supplies and Hello Party! for their lovely gifts which helped Elsie’s party to go with a stylish swing.

And finally to Lindsey and the wonderful staff at Wigfield Farm for making it such a special day to remember.

As parties go, I’m not quite sure we’re ever going to be able to top this one. ;-)

With love,





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