Well my darling.

It’s finally here! The day I’ve been dreading for about a year and the one you’ve been excited about for a good few months.

Your first day at school.

I can hardly believe it. But as I sit here typing away with my cup of tea in hand, with the house so quiet and still, the realisation has sank in. My ‘big girl’ is now a school girl.

Wow Elsie. How on earth did that happen?


I know you’ve seen Mummy in tears a few times this week (one day if you’re a Mummy, you will understand why) but I’m so glad I managed to hold it together for you this morning when Daddy and I dropped you off.

We left you sat on the carpet next to your best friend looking so happy and excited. I knew then it was time to blow you a kiss and say goodbye, before my tears would start to fall again.

Because you see my darling, today is the most exciting day for you.

The start of a whole new adventure! You’re going to have the most magical time at school and if you’re anything like I was when I was a little girl, you are going to love it.

Just think of all the amazing things you will do and learn! Counting and reading. Drawing and painting. Running and skipping.

What fun you are going to have!

You will get to spend lots of time with your best pals from nursery and you will make many new ones too, I’m sure.

Remember to say hello and to be kind to those children who may be feeling a bit sad and lonely today. You’re always so thoughtful so I know you will become a great friend to many.


Elsie darling, this is hopefully the beginning of many happy school years to come for you.

Time for you to spread your independent wings a little bit more and make your stamp on the world which I know you are going to do so beautifully. As you already have been doing since the day you were born.

I cannot wait to pick you up later today and hear all about your first day. I can only hope and keep my fingers crossed that it will be as magical and as special as I wish it to be for you.

And as for Mummy, well don’t you worry. I did have a little weep as I walked out of the school gates, arm in arm with Daddy. But they were happy, proud, nostalgic tears.

As your Mummy, I’ve watched you develop and grow into the most marvellous young girl over the past four and a bit years and I know now that you are ready to experience more.

We’ve had so many special times together so far and we’ve done so much! I’m so glad that I got to spend so much time with you in your early years and watch you blossom in front of my eyes.

Going to school will mean big changes for both of us and it’s probably going to take a little while to get used to. But we can do it my love.


Daddy calls us the incredible tag team and he’s not wrong. It’s a whole new world for me, and especially for you. But it’s going to be amazing.

As I wonder what you’re getting up to right now, I notice that my tears have finally stopped and I’m smiling again. Such is the effect just thinking of you has on me.

I love you beyond words my sweet darling.

Have the most wonderful day.

All my love, always.





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