I HAVEN’T done an ‘Elsie style post’ for ages!

Donkeys in fact.

So the other day, when there was a break in the heavy rain we’ve been having, I decided to take my wee poppet outside and encourage her to take part in her very own ‘photoshoot’.

She was striking all kinds of poses – some of them worked and some of them didn’t quite work so well (!) -but she really got into the swing of things and all so she could show off her favourite new raincoat.

To you guys!

A very important job, I’m sure you’ll agree.


It’s pink (which she loves), its covered in teeny tiny hearts and it’s easy to wear.

All of which get a big thumbs up from Elsie.

And from a mummy point of view, this Animal ‘Elsa’ raincoat gets a thumbs up from me too!

It does a great job of keeping the rain off, is great quality (so you know as long as it still fits, it’s gonna last the distance) and has a hood which is just the perfect size.


Nothing worse than a hood which is too big and falls down all the time, right?

And…top brownie points for this, it’s also reflective! Perfect for when she’s out and about on dark days and early dark nights.



This lovely coat from Animal is just the ticket to keep her dry in those pesky showers.

And hey when it’s pink, covered in tiny hearts and is called ‘Elsa’ (!), one thing’s for sure, I know she is never going to complain about wearing it. ;-)


Many thanks to Animal for kindly sending this coat for Elsie.

With love,







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