Elsie Creates A Treasure Box


My two year old daughter is crafty.

And I don’t mean in the sneaky sense, but in the ‘loves to paint, colour, draw and stick as much as she can’ kind of sense.

It’s a wonder to behold and I have to say, her ‘craftiness’ is definitely catching. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with her and helping or watching her get into her creative zone.

Toddlers are so free with their creativity, so happy to just have a go at things and let their imaginations take over. (There’s a lesson here for all of us!)

Anyway, previously we’ve mainly stuck to creating pictures or cards for special occasions. But we’ve taken things up a notch recently and Elsie has made – a TREASURE BOX. (All together now – woooooo!)

Crafter’s Companion very kindly sent me a lovely box of creative goodies and a paper mache box for Elsie to go wild with.

materials for treasure box

And boy did she go wild with it!

As soon as it arrived, she was an eager beaver, ready to get cracking. Unfortunately, much to her dismay she had to wait a little while, so I could apply a base coat of white paint to the box first.

But once my job was done, the paint brush was immediately handed over to Elsie and away she went.

Elsie paintingbirds eye painting

The Crafter’s Companion team gave us no creative brief which was lovely of them because it meant that Elsie could just go for it. And naturally she did.

With shiny metallic paints, tubes of glitter glue, pots of glitter and some amazing paint brushes (Mummy might just have to pinch these!) she was in her creative element.

pink paintingglitter glue

I also let her loose with my box of buttons and sequins to finish off the box in style.

glitter paint and sequinsElsie's treasure box


Elsie knew exactly what she wanted to do with her treasure box and besides giving the box a lick of base coat and keeping a watchful eye on proceedings to ensure there wasn’t too much mess (!), I had no other involvement.

This toddler masterpiece is very much her own work.

Bold, bejewelled and messy, it’s the perfect box for Elsie’s special treasures. And a perfect toddler-made treasure.

With love,






Many thanks to Crafter’s Companion for making my daughter very happy indeed! x

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