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I’M a firm believer in going with your gut when it comes to all matters.

Because truly knowing who you are and remaining tuned into your instinct is important, is it not?

“Ignore it at your peril!” (As a psychic medium told me last year.) Oh ‘eck!

But sometimes, when we get the ol’ wibbles wobbles about stuff, we can lose our instinctive ‘ears’ and our sense of balance.

Which is why when this happens, besides standing still and waiting for the dreaded doubts to pass, you need to listen to the ‘Universe’.

Yes, really.

You need to listen to what it is telling you and pay attention.

Go on. Try now for a minute, can you hear anything or spot anything?!

Nope? Ok, don’t worry it will come.

Meanwhile, let’s carry on…

Years ago, a very good friend of mine, once told me that signs and clues were everywhere, if only we’d look for them.

And I can remember thinking quite clearly at the time, “blimey, what’s she on about, she’s lost the plot!” (Sorry Lyndsey!)

Sorry indeed. Because it turns out I was the silly one for not believing her.

My friend hadn’t lost the plot at all. No siree.

She’d discovered it.

As far fetched as it sounds, she was right.

Whenever we need them, the Universe delivers signs. Little clues or as I like to affectionately call them ‘little nudges’.

Nudges that can’t be ignored. Nudges that knock us off our balance somewhat. Constant little jabs in the side accompanied by a ‘cooo-eeee!’

Inspiring, comforting or irritating (at times). Whatever you wanna call them, make no mistake, they are there.

And I’ll give you an example.

To rewind a little, this time last week I was feeling at a bit of a low ebb about my blog. I’ve been struggling to get a sponsor you see for BritMums Live (I know, it’s tragic huh?!) after my original one fell through and I started to feel a bit sad and pathetic.

I even said that dreadful sentence to myself “why, not me?!?!”!

Dear oh dear. I apologise for that.

Anyway, I started to think that perhaps this blog – which I love so much – is a bit of a bloody failure. Perhaps it’s not commercial enough, perhaps people don’t want to read my ramblings and thoughts on life and would rather I filled it with more stuff about brands etc.

And on it went.

I went to bed last Wednesday evening feeling rotten and sad, even shedding a few tears of frustration. In short, I had a little pity party. Roll on to Thursday morning and as usually happens, after sleeping on things, I woke up feeling much perkier.

Elsie went off to Grandmas for the day and I sat down with a cuppa, opened my laptop and checked my emails.

And then, there it was.

There it was!

A message from the universe. Or to be clearer, an email from a reader – whom I had never previously heard from- saying incredibly kind things about my blog and telling me how she’d put me forward for something.

And I cried. Great big salty tears of joy and gratitude.


Because that email was the sign I needed. A nudge which came at exactly the right time.

A nudge from the universe that said; “come on Kate! See, this IS what you are meant to be doing. You – and your gut – were right!”

That email was one of the best I’ve ever received and I’ll never forget the kindness of the lady, who contacted me. (Thank you again, if you’re reading!)

However it wasn’t the only nudge I received last Thursday, because I tell you, the ‘Universe’ was on fire!

At the end of last week, all kinds of wonderful people contacted me on various social media channels to say something really lovely about this blog. All of them completely out of the blue. Many from people whom I had never even heard from before.

And the message was clear. I got it.

What happened last week, could of course all have been a coincidence, but I’m not going for that. Because to me, it was a clear message, from somewhere up there, that I need to carry on this path.

And that when we need answers, they will come.

In some way, in some shape, in some form,as if by magic, answers will appear.

The ‘Universe ‘(or whatever you want to call it) will come into play and show us the way. Or at least give us an elbow or two.

It may not be in an email. It could be a sign you see as you drive to work or a text you receive from a friend.

Maybe you find that a ‘brick wall’ you’ve been banging your head on for ages, has suddenly disappeared and that things start to suddenly be falling into place or – and you might not like this one – things start to go wrong for you, for a while.

Call it the ‘Universe’, call it ‘The Secret’, call it magic or call it a plain ol’ nudge.

But if you find yourself careering off track, don’t worry. In my experience, an elbow or a helping hand will always appear when you need one.

And as for me?

Well who cares if I can’t get a sponsor? Who cares if some brands don’t want to invest in me?

The most important thing is that you guys DO.

And you can give me that over money, any day of the week. Thank you x.


P.S The ‘universe’ also told me to launch a new style blog about two years ago. And after fighting it’s messages for months, thinking “are you crazy?!” I actually decided to listen in the end and so low and behold, today it has gone live! 

If you’ve got a spare minute – and ‘the universe’ is ok with it (!) – I’d love for you to pop over to my new site To Dream Of Dresses and let me know what you think. Thanks folks and don’t forget to tell me about the signs the ol ‘Universe’ has shown you recently! x

With love,







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    • They so are – as our little trip to Leeds not so long ago, also proved.(Will never forget that special moment the Universe allowed me to share with you). Thanks Leigh xxx

  • Totally believe in this way of thinking and have always followed my gut. I think your blog is great! Personally I don’t really like overly brand laden blogs and that’s why I like yours. Don’t stop or change! You have come this far for being you!

  • I totally agree with you. Somethings happen that just give you that hope and courage you need to preserver, exactly when you need it. I sometimes feel like certain things happen to get in the way of certain projects happening as well and sometimes I let it guide me away and sometimes my intuition tells me to get over the hurdle and carry on.

    I tell you what I also do I ask the universe for things and 9 out of 10 times I get what I wish for!

  • Absolutely amazing article Katie – love your blog, don’t ever give up!! Jac.x

  • I have no idea what a sponsor is or how to try and get one. And I have no clue about brands and things. I just want to write and I want people to enjoy what I write. That is what I’m in in for…sounds to me like you’re the same!
    And what a fabulous blog you have! Keep to your own path and who knows where it will lead you xx

    • Ah Katy, I am indeed. Thank you so much. Writing IS what it’s all about for me, as I’ve said before i’d still write even if I only had one reader! I think of myself as a writer who blogs, not a blogger who writes too. x

  • I love your blog! I hope the universe sends you a sponsor soon too. I’m nowhere near as far along my blogging journey as you but I’m trying hard to enjoy every little achievement along the way – I’m going to take a leaf out of your book.

    • Ah thank you Morna! I hope so too, but I think the Universe may just have forgotten about me on this occasion, which is ok! Please do enjoy every little achievement along the way, blogging is wonderful but also challenging, so it’s so important to celebrate every success and recognise what really counts x

  • Commercial schmmercial – you can’t put a price on a genuine, authentic blog that has the courage to give others strength by being unafraid to show vulnerability.

    I always think that everything happens for a reason, we just may not ever find out what that reason is – something that feels like a great loss at one point in our lives can later feel like a narrow escape. It’s usually just a question of time.

    Your blog is lovely to read, keep up the good work, keep posting from the soul and good luck with the new blog. I am a dress addict so I can’t wait to check it out! x

  • One of my favourite things about your blog is that it isn’t brand laden but instead full of heart and soul. That is what makes it so fabulous and that is why we all keep coming back to read another little pearl of wisdom from you and you never fail to get it spot on. I followed your advice about knowing your worth etc from another post and quit my job with a family that were making my life miserable. I was terrified and worried that is just cost my self the majority of my monthly income. Two hours later I had a brand new client on board and an existing one asking for more hours. Think the universes had plans for me and I’m so glad I listened.

    • Ah thanks so much Franki. It’s so wonderful to hear that. Often I look at other bloggers working with brands and think maybe I should be doing more of that, but you know, I think you’re right, I’d much rather do occasional work with brilliant brands and stay true to my writing.

      Also, I am beyond thrilled that you followed some advice and that it has led you to a happier place! Well done you. Amazing! x

  • Firstky my darling congrats, looking forward to hearing more about that :)

    Funnily enough I was going through this with my own blog a few weeks back, then totally unexpectedly I got invited to become a HuffPost blogger. The universe definitely sends us messages – the only time I end up in trouble these days is when I go against my gut xxx

    • Gosh it so does doesn’t it darling?! Totally thrilled that you are now a fellow Huffer and that the Universe sent you that message! (Well done Universe!) I’m also with you on the gut thing, whenever I ignore it, I suffer. Still learning this lesson xxx

  • Lovely Kate, please keep writing. Yours has become one of my favourite blogs to visit and so thankful to Vicki for introducing me to you (although we’re yet to meet in person).

    I do believe in signs, unfortunately my most recent example was that I was about to lose my mother (looking back at several things that happened including a client’s mother passing just a few days before, all the signs were there).

    However I also strongly believe that even when the signs appear to lead to something tragic or painful, the underlying message is still this: there is a plan, you are known, you are loved. That’s what I hold on to.

    Thanks for sharing this story – letters from readers are the best! x

    • Oh my goodness Uju – firstly thank you so much for you very kind words, i’m incredibly thrilled and touched to hear you say that.

      Secondly – I really think you are quite remarkable, the way in which you are dealing with your Mum’s passing and how you are looking at things. It must be incredibly difficult and heartbreaking, yet as you say, you have to hold on to the unquestionable fact that YOU ARE LOVED. Take care. Thinking of you xxx

  • There you go! And perhaps having a sponsor is a bit of a tie and you will have a more wonderful BML without them. Your blog is beautiful and wonderful and your readers love it. That is what counts. Hope to meet you there. Hayley x

  • Yep fate so often steps in. Glad you’ve made peace with things; It’s fab when people you’ve never spoken to say nice things unprompted. Really makes you feel like you’re doing something right.

    So far in 3 years I’ve only had one partial sponsor and that was someone I was already working with and knew in real life. I’ve had no success with all the contacts I have, even though others do less work and get approached. But then I’m going to conferences if I want to go to them whether I’m sponsored or not, so I’m happy whether I get one or not.

    Now off to go and check out your new blog. I’m impressed. I’d never be able to keep up 2!

  • I love your blog by the way. It is different and stands out and I get value from reading your posts, personally.

    This one is no exception. I agree that the universe nudges us in fact I would say that if we ignore the whispers, it nudges us and if we ignore that it gets louder and louder until we have to take notice. I have decided to go for listening to the whispers/nudges because it can be uncomfortable to leave it longer than that.

  • Interesting perspective. I just wonder ‘though, was the ‘universe’ nudging you…or did your nudge yourself having been given reason to do so after a short rest and an unexpected positive response from a reader?? Just a thought! #BrilliantBlogPosts

  • Absolutely love this darling, my friends and I say it all the time and I often ask the universe for things and as mad as it sounds, a lot happens. Yep it takes hard work, honing talent and tenacity but often getting it out there in words or on paper and black and white creates something magical-it puts motives into action. Brilliant post x

  • Totally agree with, I think everything happens for a reason even if you don’t see that reason right away. You might not go to Britmums with a sponsor but I bet you come home with a better relationship with a brand as you’re there ‘unattached’ so to speak! #BrilliantBlogPosts

  • You’re right! Sometimes you have brilliant ideas, and they never materialise into anything. But sometimes, just when you need it, you get the nudge to move forward. It was reading about the success of another blogger that spurred me on to start my own. I could sit here and be jealous or just give it a try. And miraculously, my kids slept at the same time for a few days of the week, giving me the time I needed to get going (this hardly ever happens!) I think these could all be signs from the Universe. I now have something just for me, which I desperately needed and I’m loving it. Good luck with the new website, looks great! x

  • I absolutely agree and I think very often we are just too busy to listen properly. Since I’ve quit my Sales & Marketing job to pursue my dream to become a yoga teacher I’ve actually felt for the first time that everything will be ok. It’s scary, unpredictable, very little income (at the moment) but I’m sure it will all be fine! I always really enjoy reading your posts and find them really empowering, strong and inspirational plus you’re incredibly glamorous! You’ve really got it all!! xx

  • The universe does have a way of sending you little messages that may seem like coincidence or serendipity, doesn’t it? Often it’s a little reminder that, in the greater scheme of things, our little worries are just that: *little*. Recently I’ve discovered – or perhaps that should just be noticed for the first time – how pleased I am when I receive a little bit of spontaneous positive feedback about my blog. That means a lot to me, and it’s made me think more about showing the same appreciation to others. Paying it forward, if you’re familiar with the film. :-)

    • Completely with you there Tim! It’s always good to share some appreciation and a bit of blogging love.

  • I’ve had a bit of a blog wobble myself this week, must be something in the air! I do believe the universe sends us signs, and that there is something connecting us to everyone we meet too. Glad you are back on track again now and fingers crossed for a BML sponsor for you!

    • Ah it happens doesn’t it Sarah?! Love your point about the connection thing too, totally agree with you on that. Thanks for your kind words and best of luck for the BiBs finals! x

  • I am a a massive believer of this but only recently. My hubby introduced me to the secret 3 years ago and I have never looked back. For example, I have had many a blog wobble, I wonder why I’m doing it, feeling like the smallest fish and very insignificant in a big pond and then something tells me otherwise. A nice comment, an email from a reader, someone tells me I have helped them and then I just know I’m on the right path. If you can see it and believe it then it will happen. Great post and something I needed to remind myself of, especially how I have been feeling recently. Love your blog by the way, it’s always a place I head to when I need to be uplifted. #BrilliantBlogPosts

    • Thanks ever so much for your wonderful comment! Isn’t it funny how just when we need something to spur us on or lift our mood, something will and does appear. x

  • These are some interesting insights. I am not often in tune with what the universe (or as I see it, God) tells me. Cognitive dissonance is when your intuition is not in line with your conscious thoughts, and I have this often. This is a great reminder to listen to my intuition more. #SundaysStars

  • Oh those nudges and little niggling voices! I used to ignore and shrug them off not thinking much of it. I now however try and listen as much as possible, the universe is a magical place and should be listened too :) #sundaystars

    • If only we could ey Rachel?! ;-) It really is. Whether we like or not the universe sends us messages.

  • I am a firm believer in all things mystical. I don’t know how or why things happen but they do!
    I do have a sponsor for BritMums this year… my husband! He paid for me to go so that I can go as ME. My own brand, and just enjoy the day.
    Hope to share a glass or two with you there xx

    • I love this Katie! What a brilliant way to look at it. Must admit I’m rather enjoying the thought of going without a sponsor for the first time, as I can just get on and do what I like! Hope to see you there xxx

  • What a brilliant post! It’s funny, whenever I read your posts I always end up writing that I’m sure. But really Kate, I’m glad you listened to those nudges because you are a very talented writer and I would miss reading your blog if it weren’t here. You inspire me every time I read, I leave your blog feeling motivated and enthusiastic about the rest of the day.

    And the sponsor thing – who cares really? Perhaps you’ll enjoy BritMums Live without a sponsor MORE! Who knows. But enjoy it hun. YOU ARE AMAZING. Don’t forget it. xxx

  • Thank you for your beautiful post. I have had 2 years of such crazy contrast. Two years ago my wife and I had given it all up to go travelling through SE Asia (and I mean everything, house jobs car all our belongings to answer the calling of the universe) and we had the most amazing and magical time. We felt free and life flowed with such ease it was crazy, we met all the people in our every day life we felt were missing and to top it off the baby we were told we would never have by doctors was announced to us in Cambodia in January (2015).
    We were blown away and decided we would return home to start again and raise our baby everything just fell into place piece by piece. New job that was well paid, a beautiful home a average but dependable car (which we still have and love)
    Our beautiful baby was born and life carried on rewarding us with joy unbounded.
    I then got caught up in a world that I had given up on a long time ago the corporate world which just doesn’t suit me. I have been so grateful for the gifts it provided but got so caught up in money and finding happiness and comfort (a usual swear word in our house) in things to mask the unhappiness I felt inside.
    Since then the universe has been chipping away piece by piece with what in a corporate world would be considered very bad news, leaving me shaken and questioning what was going on. I have been left feeling how will I provide for my family? What more can I do? and then in reading your blog and in many ways writing this comment I have been reminded that these signs are steering me back to the natural path that just flows. I still feel lost and with out a new clear direction and still have the financial pressures on my shoulders, but my heart feels light and my mind free once more. Thank you.

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