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I’M a firm believer in going with your gut when it comes to all matters.

Because truly knowing who you are and remaining tuned into your instinct is important, is it not?

“Ignore it at your peril!” (As a psychic medium told me last year.) Oh ‘eck!

But sometimes, when we get the ol’ wibbles wobbles about stuff, we can lose our instinctive ‘ears’ and our sense of balance.

Which is why when this happens, besides standing still and waiting for the dreaded doubts to pass, you need to listen to the ‘Universe’.

Yes, really.

You need to listen to what it is telling you and pay attention.

Go on. Try now for a minute, can you hear anything or spot anything?!

Nope? Ok, don’t worry it will come.

Meanwhile, let’s carry on…

Years ago, a very good friend of mine, once told me that signs and clues were everywhere, if only we’d look for them.

And I can remember thinking quite clearly at the time, “blimey, what’s she on about, she’s lost the plot!” (Sorry Lyndsey!)

Sorry indeed. Because it turns out I was the silly one for not believing her.

My friend hadn’t lost the plot at all. No siree.

She’d discovered it.

As far fetched as it sounds, she was right.

Whenever we need them, the Universe delivers signs. Little clues or as I like to affectionately call them ‘little nudges’.

Nudges that can’t be ignored. Nudges that knock us off our balance somewhat. Constant little jabs in the side accompanied by a ‘cooo-eeee!’

Inspiring, comforting or irritating (at times). Whatever you wanna call them, make no mistake, they are there.

And I’ll give you an example.

To rewind a little, this time last week I was feeling at a bit of a low ebb about my blog. I’ve been struggling to get a sponsor you see for BritMums Live (I know, it’s tragic huh?!) after my original one fell through and I started to feel a bit sad and pathetic.

I even said that dreadful sentence to myself “why, not me?!?!”!

Dear oh dear. I apologise for that.

Anyway, I started to think that perhaps this blog – which I love so much – is a bit of a bloody failure. Perhaps it’s not commercial enough, perhaps people don’t want to read my ramblings and thoughts on life and would rather I filled it with more stuff about brands etc.

And on it went.

I went to bed last Wednesday evening feeling rotten and sad, even shedding a few tears of frustration. In short, I had a little pity party. Roll on to Thursday morning and as usually happens, after sleeping on things, I woke up feeling much perkier.

Elsie went off to Grandmas for the day and I sat down with a cuppa, opened my laptop and checked my emails.

And then, there it was.

There it was!

A message from the universe. Or to be clearer, an email from a reader – whom I had never previously heard from- saying incredibly kind things about my blog and telling me how she’d put me forward for something.

And I cried. Great big salty tears of joy and gratitude.


Because that email was the sign I needed. A nudge which came at exactly the right time.

A nudge from the universe that said; “come on Kate! See, this IS what you are meant to be doing. You – and your gut – were right!”

That email was one of the best I’ve ever received and I’ll never forget the kindness of the lady, who contacted me. (Thank you again, if you’re reading!)

However it wasn’t the only nudge I received last Thursday, because I tell you, the ‘Universe’ was on fire!

At the end of last week, all kinds of wonderful people contacted me on various social media channels to say something really lovely about this blog. All of them completely out of the blue. Many from people whom I had never even heard from before.

And the message was clear. I got it.

What happened last week, could of course all have been a coincidence, but I’m not going for that. Because to me, it was a clear message, from somewhere up there, that I need to carry on this path.

And that when we need answers, they will come.

In some way, in some shape, in some form,as if by magic, answers will appear.

The ‘Universe ‘(or whatever you want to call it) will come into play and show us the way. Or at least give us an elbow or two.

It may not be in an email. It could be a sign you see as you drive to work or a text you receive from a friend.

Maybe you find that a ‘brick wall’ you’ve been banging your head on for ages, has suddenly disappeared and that things start to suddenly be falling into place or – and you might not like this one – things start to go wrong for you, for a while.

Call it the ‘Universe’, call it ‘The Secret’, call it magic or call it a plain ol’ nudge.

But if you find yourself careering off track, don’t worry. In my experience, an elbow or a helping hand will always appear when you need one.

And as for me?

Well who cares if I can’t get a sponsor? Who cares if some brands don’t want to invest in me?

The most important thing is that you guys DO.

And you can give me that over money, any day of the week. Thank you x.


P.S The ‘universe’ also told me to launch a new style blog about two years ago. And after fighting it’s messages for months, thinking “are you crazy?!” I actually decided to listen in the end and so low and behold, today it has gone live! 

If you’ve got a spare minute – and ‘the universe’ is ok with it (!) – I’d love for you to pop over to my new site To Dream Of Dresses and let me know what you think. Thanks folks and don’t forget to tell me about the signs the ol ‘Universe’ has shown you recently! x

With love,








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