Dancing the night away in the comfiest shoes ever

Aren’t these just a totally stunning pair of shoes?!

I was sent these shoes a few weeks ago from the lovely team at Simply Be after I feel in love with their glam rock good looks and super high heels! Quite seventies, don’t you think?

I’d never actually been on the Simply Be website before but I have to tell you I was pretty damn impressed with the range of gorgeous shoes they have to offer in a range of width fittings too. A most refreshing change from the standard, chose your size and hope for the best approach, supplied by most retailers.

sole diva shoes



Anyway, back to the bobby dazzlers…these oh so perfect party shoes by Sole Diva are truly magnificent because even though they are super high with a platform base, they are incredibly comfortable and let me tell you, I sure as hell put them through their paces on Saturday night.


A bit blurry but here's a full outfit shot. (And yep, I wore a hell of a lot of sequins!)

A bit blurry but here’s a full outfit shot. (And yep, I wore a hell of a lot of sequins!)


I walked, I stood for hours (drinking cocktails naturally) and I danced in a proper ol’ fashioned club, channelling my inner Beyonce. And let me tell you,these shoes did me proud.

So gentle on my feet were they in fact, that I lost count of the amount of times I told my long suffering friends on Saturday night just how comfy they were! (Sorry ladies!)


A few pics from Saturday night. Nothing like Christmas drinks with friends. ;-)

A few pics from Saturday night. Nothing like Christmas drinks with friends. ;-)


We all know sadly, that not all party heels are as comfortable as these little beauties. Even I acknowledge – as a self confessed heels addict – that wearing some shoes can be a real pain in the soles at times. However fret not my pretties!

Because I’m here to tell you that even if you do own the most killer of all heels, it is possible to keep your feet safe and sound on a night out, and pretty comfy too.

Here are just a few of my special tips (that I’ve accumulated over many years of wearing heels and from my time as Editor of a footwear publication) that will help ensure your feet look and feel great this Christmas.

(And if you need more help, check out this very interesting and useful Party Shoes Guide on the Simple Be website. Who knew putting your shoes in a freezer can help?!)


Tips for party perfect feet

sole diva


1) Make sure they fit your feet! – I have lost track of the amount of times I have seen women struggling to walk properly because their shoes don’t fit them properly. Crazy isn’t it?

Tight shoes will make your eyes water and shoes that are too big will leave you clomping around like a clown so try them on and don’t settle for ok. You should only ever buy shoes if they fit you well. Try half sizes or different width sizes and always try them on your feet before you buy.

Also, buy the most expensive shoes you can afford, within reason. You really do get what you pay for when it comes to footwear.


2) Always wear new heels in – New shoes are a bit like new cars, you gotta wear them in gently for a few times, get used to them and suss them out a bit before you take them for a proper spin.

So test drive them around your house, scuff up the soles if they have zero grip and listen to what your feet are telling you when your heels are on. Are they pinching somewhere? Rubbing against your toes? Do the balls of your feet ache?

Remember if your shoes aren’t comfortable whilst wearing them around the house – they’re not going to be the comfiest on a big night out. So suss ’em out and be prepared.


3) Invest in gel pads, plasters and other little helpers – You can do lots to make heels comfier but you need to invest in some little helpers first and use them! If  your heels are very high, gel pads will provide extra cushioning for your hard working soles and plasters can stop nasty rubbing, especially at the back of your heels.


4) Use anti-rub sticks – I used one of these on my wedding day when I was my wearing my beloved designer wedding shoes and not once did my new shoes hurt or cause nasty blisters! Result! (And I was on my feet all day) Avon do a brilliant one.


5) Finally, if all else fails, use Vodka – Yep you heard me right ladies! People always laugh in disbelief when I tell them my super tip, but trust me, as a last resort it works and will save your night out.

When you feet feel shredded and just standing in your heels is absolute agony (we’ve all been there) just buy a shot of Vodka, make a trip to the ladies and dab the Vodka onto your feet wherever you can feel pain.

The Vodka will numb the pain helping you to go from hobbling to walking in more comfort in an instant. I learnt this trick as a student, after a very kind lady shared with me this pearl of wisdom when she saw me crippled one night in a club and I will be forever grateful!

And as my friend Clare will testify (who used my top tip on Saturday night) it really does work!

You may have to do it a few times through the evening depending how much your feet are hurting but if nothing else, it’ll get you from the dance floor into a taxi without you have having to take your shoes off and walk barefoot on the freezing, dirty pavements. (I mean, just imagine!)

Plus, obviously if there’s some vodka left, you can always indulge in an extra little tipple too. ;-)

And if you none of these tips work at all?

Then save your killer heels for restaurants, where you just have to walk from a taxi to a table. Unfortunately some fabulous heels just aren’t made for too much strutting.


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