‘CRU’-ising through life with my wonder bag

Cru bag blossom strap

SEQUINNED, embellished, vintage, metallic or leather – you name it, when it comes to bags I’ve owned them all.

Apart from, the perfect day to day bag, that is.

A bag which isn’t showy but simple and elegant. A bag that will let me get on with my busy life, easily.

Something that is understated, beautifully made and does the job. Carrying my items from a to b safely and leaving a little room for some extra stuff, for when I embark upon some last minute shopping. (You know how it is!)

The older I get, the more quality is beginning to really appeal to me and practicality. Walking around with a toddler in tow is tricky (!) so it’s safe to say I need all the spare hands I can get these days.

Finally, luckily for me, I think I may just have found the most wonderful bag that ticks everything on my ‘day’ bag list.

Folks, welcome to The Rivington from CRU. A bag that does everything that I need it to.

Cru bag blossom

CRU is a fabulous new leather handbag label which I think is set to become really popular.

Why? Because all of the bags are individually crafted and handmade by skilled artisans in Portugal. By a talented family of just three, in fact!

All CRU bags take around four hours to complete and are made from real quality, full grain vegetable-tanned leather that ages magnificently whilst lasting a lifetime.

These bags truly are special, not bags to throw around or dump nonchalantly down. No, they demand much more care and respect than that.

Cru tags close up

Every stitch is absolutely perfect and honestly when you look at the bag up close, the quality of the craftsmanship just blows you away.

You certainly don’t get this love or attention to detail on the High Street that’s for sure.

Cru bag open zip

The Rivington is a really super tote. Practical, simple and goes with everything.

I’ve worn it with jeans and dresses. To pop to the shops or go out for a day with Elsie. And on all occasions it hasn’t let me down.

Cru bag on shoulder

Inside, there’s a handy pocket for my phone (the first bag I’ve ever come across which has a phone pocket big enough to ‘house’ my beloved Samsung Galaxy Note! Yes!) and a simple zip pocket in which I keep my keys, emergency tablets and lots of bits and bobs.

Inside Cru bag

It’s also incredibly versatile.

For not only is it the perfect kind of bag for modern living, it also expands too! Yep, a nifty well thought out zip on either side of the bag, allows you to use the maximum space to your advantage. Genius!

CRU zip

As a freelancing, blogging mum to a toddler, you’ll not be surprised when I tell you that my zips (on the bag) are always open. What can I say, a full life demands a bag with room for expansion!

I’ve become really attached to my Rivington bag since it arrived a month or so ago and I have a feeling that we are going to become firm friends over the coming years.

CRU Bag under blossom

The Rivington retails at £190 and in my humble opinion, really is a worthwhile investment for any hard working woman on a mission.

Please do check out the rest of CRU’s wonderful collection. These are most definitely bags that can help you go places.

I can only now hope that this lovely label, which takes such care and pride in it’s products, will also do the same.


Special offer!

Annnnnd, if you love the bag as much as I do, I have super news for you! The wonderful team at CRU are offering all of my lovely readers (that’s you guys!) a special discount.

Simply enter the code CRU15PIH20 at the checkout to get 20% of all orders. How fabulous ey? You really have no excuse. ;-)


Thank you CRU for my beautiful, beautiful bag. I will cherish it.

With love,





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