TODAY I thought I’d try something different.

(Cos you know it’s always good to shake things up a little.)

So here I am, with less of the good ol’ written word and more of the spoken stuff! Otherwise known as a vlog.

Here I am talking about something personal.

Here I am talking about something that has embarrassed me for many years.

Here I am talking about how it’s finally dawned on me, that perhaps this very thing I don’t like about myself, could actually be one of my strengths.

Your food for thought, today lovely people is this…

Is it time we all thought differently about our ‘flaws’?


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  • Right, I just read my last blog post of the night over on Honest Mum (have you heard of it?) and then realised that I hadn’t watched your video yet (owing to some late-night sporting action in SW London).

    I can’t believe you feel this way about your accent, woman! I think I watched a vlog of yours ages ago and commented about how at home your accent made me feel. I lived in Lancaster for years, and although not home (and obviously not Yorkshire) I loved the place and loved the warm Lancashire tones I was surrounded by.

    And you’re right, for me, I certainly warmed to you after hearing your lovely accent (seriously, I adore it), and have since read all of your blog posts in that very accent.

    Please, please do more vlogs. You certainly have the brain for writing, and you mos def have the face for video, not to mention the voice. I can’t wait to hear more xxx

    • Ah thank you darling! It’s funny isn’t it,because this is exactly what I mean. I’m not a fan of the ol’ voice but then others, crazy others (*winks) like you seem to like it! Will def be doing more soon, thank you for watching and commenting! xxx

  • Brilliant vlog Katie. Your accent surprised me (in a good way), I don’t know why but I always presumed you would speak “properly”, sounding all posh and correct. Not that you don’t speak properly! I love your accent and I agree with what you said everyone else has said, it makes you more seem more friendly. It’s definitely not something you should be embarrassed about!

    As for me, mine is a biggy. My glasses. I’ve worn glasses since I was 13 and obviously, being in high school, had to deal with the usual teenage hatred. I was picked on and called ‘four-eyes’ more times than I care to remember. I hated wearing glasses enough that I had laser-eye surgery – NOT a pleasant experience. I hoped that would have me sorted forever but alas it didn’t and I’m back to wearing glasses again.

    But here’s the thing… I now have a style of glasses I know works well. I know what kind of frames (and size frames) work with my face and I think that knowledge helps. I will never like the fact that I have to wear glasses but I can try my very best to work with it. The pair of glasses I wear now are the best I’ve ever had.

    Sorry for the epic reply! Loved the vlog and looking forward to hearing, and seeing, more. xxx

    • Thanks ever so much Morgan. Isn’t it funny how we get a perception of people, before we even know them properly?! I’m so chuffed that my northern twangs helped you warm to me. That’s smashing to hear.

      And I love that you’ve finally found glasses that work for you and suit your lovely face. It really is about embracing the bits we cannot change and learning to work with them, isn’t it?! x

      (p.s Please don’t ever apologise for an epic reply.These kind of comments make my day!) x

    • Thank you Jess and likewise! Glad you enjoyed it and the dulcet Northern tones didn’t put you off ;-) x

  • LOVE IT!!! Well I love your accent and I am so glad you are beginning to embrace it more. It is part of you and it makes you stand out even more (in a good way). So glad you are vlogging more :) My flaw is my size…. not sure I can be positive about that, but I think this is a wonderful idea xxxx

    • Ah thank you Aby! This has made my day! And as for your size, well my love, you don’t see what I see. Becase you’re pretty bloody gorgeous to me – especially in THAT blue dress ;-) x

  • Ahhhh love your accent Katie.,my best friend is from Yorkshire and I love his accent and how direct he can be and how down to earth he is, I always seem to get on well with a lot of northern people…..I am the same as you and I don’t like my accent,i am from the midlands ,Leicester and I am often embarrassed about how I sound…..I will now accept my accent more,thank you for your vlog…..I will also try and accept all my other flaws,it may take some time. :-) x

  • Hi Katie, I love your accent and to me it just made you come across as warm, friendly and approachable! I too have a Northern accent (Yorkshire); I was born here and after living further south for a part of my life and being teased mercilessly about my accent I’m glad to say I’m back in Yorkshire now (in Ripponden, only a few miles away from Rochdale!). I say embrace your accent as it is, as you say, part of who you are and your heritage! Caro :)

  • Fab blog. It is funny how we all have things that bother us. Your accent is beautiful and interesting. I just did a blog about glasses, which like Morgan, are a bit of a thing for me. That and my size of course.
    I just wish we could all be accepting. Well done for putting it out there.

    • Thanks so much Kerry. Yes, it’s silly really isn’t it?! We all think other people are more confident than us etc but yet we’re all human. Everybody has some little part or parts of themselves that they’re not too keen on! x

  • I love your accent! It reminds me of my best friend who I don’t get to see or speak to much now I’ve moved from my home town. I’ve always been embarrassed about my height, or lack of. I’m only 5ft 1″ and before I had my son I always wore 4-5″ heels in an effort to hide the fact I was so short. Once I was pregnant, I SPD (it later transpired to be something else rather complicated to explain in a comment!) and I haven’t really worn heels much since because I can’t. For a long time that upset me (to the point of tears) but once I hit my 30s I started to embrace it.

    Something I still don’t like about myself funnily enough is my voice, it is the main reason I won’t vlog. To me, it sounds too deep for a woman and I can’t really be placed. I was born in the Middle East, lived in Northern Ireland, Gravesend (Kent), Bournemouth and now Bristol. I think I sound gravelly and awful.

    • Thanks so much Rachel. I completely get the whole disliking your voice thing (as per the vlog!) but you know I bet people love your voice! So don’t be shy, embrace it :) x

  • Katie no word of a lie, I love your accent SO bloody much it’s untrue. Now I have met you in person and so when I read your blog or comments I can hear you speaking and I love it! I try and posh up my Bristol accent too, I’m ok until I’ve had a drink and then I’m all ‘OO ER’ farmer, like!

    My ‘flaw’ or the thing I’ve always been very conscious of is my age and the older the kids got the more surprised people were when I said they are mine and I always thought/think (?) people might judge me when it becomes obvious I was a teenage mum and well, some people assume you’re something you’re not when you had children so young. So that is me.

    I hope you do decide to vlog more because I could watch you all day long xxx

    • Thank you so much Amy! Isn’t it funny, these little things we’re not too keen on about ourselves, others often love. Bonkers. I actually love your accent, my Mum is from Somerset originally and my Gran lived there all her life, so hearing you talk in your lovely voice, makes me feel warm and cosy. :)

      As for your ‘flaw’, you know what my darling, people will always judge. If I were you, I’d hold my head up high and be incredibly PROUD of being a teenage mum and how much you have conquered, overcome and achieved. Because you’re amazing. x


      P.S And yep,there will be more vlogs to come! ;-)

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