COMPETITION: A Christmas giveaway!

Christmas giveaway

Listen up ladies, for I bring good news!

As it the season of giving, I’ve decided to do a Christmas giveaway as a small way of thanking all of you gorgeous folk, who support me in my blogging shenanigans.

Up for grabs is special present from yours truly – a lovely bundle of mixed goodies, to bring a little festive cheer and sparkle into some lucky lady’s life.

I’m not going to tell you everything that’s in the giveaway as I want it to be a surprise (a bit like Secret Santa but only much better) but let’s just say it will definitely include a selection of pampering & beauty products, a fabulous book and a few festive treats too.

To win my Pouting In Heels festive parcel, here’s what you need to do!:

Make sure you are showing my Facebook Page some Christmas love by giving it a like and then leave a comment (either on my Facebook Page or on here) telling me why you deserve to win this gorgeous bundle of goodies. Easy as that!

The closing date for entries is this Friday (13 December) at midnight and the winner will be picked and announced on Saturday!

Good luck!

Till the next time,



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14 Discussions on
“COMPETITION: A Christmas giveaway!”
  • Ooh these goodies look great – I love brown paper wrapping, it’s so chic!

    I’ve been a stay at home mum since the birth of my little boy at the end of January. Though it’s been the most exciting year, over the last 11 months I’ve felt frazzled, bedraggled and not myself at times! I’d love a treat this Christmas and the opportunity to be a little bit kind to myself.

    Love your blog, Liking your page on Facebook too and following you on twitter as @b_fly77

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway! xx

  • Hi Kate I absolutely love your blogs you are the most inspiring person I have ever met!!! You have juggled being the perfect Mummy to Elsie, a wonderful wife to Jamie, trying to work in the mist of renovating your house, looking after Elsie,
    sleeping on the floor at the side of her cot night after night whilst Elsie awakes every 15 minutes when she is I’ll. Looking after Jamie whilst he had pleurisy twice. I think you deserve to win Kate XXXXXX

  • Ooohh what a lovely giveaway and trust you to wrap it all chicfully! I don’t normally enter giveaways but this one is tempting! I’m sure each and everyone that is entering deserves a treat of pamper. My reason (without going into detail) is quite frankly with the year I have had, I could really do with a pamper and probably on New Year’s Eve too – as plans have failed :-(
    Liking you as ever on Facebook x

  • Ooh this sounds like a fab prize! I’d love to win because I’ve had a pretty rubbish couple of months with one thing and another and this sounds like the perfect pick me up. If I won, I’d also like to share the goodies with my mum as she’s been a great support to me when I’ve neded it and think she would really appreciate a treat too.
    Really enjoyed reading your blog this year and looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us next year :-) xx

  • I love the idea of secret gifting! Good shout.

    I always find these sorts of things the hardest! Why do I deserve to win? Who knows! I like to think I’m due a little pampering… in the last 2 months I have been made redundant and seen the company I worked for crash and burn in the global news, and sadly losing my boss through the whole ordeal! Since then I have lost my flat and my kittens and have had to move in with the dreaded parents! I need all the good news I can get :)!

    I’m pleased that I have found a new blog to read!

    Rosie x

  • Hello Kate,
    Well to be honest I don’t know why I deserve this lovely giveaway gift over some of the other lovely ladies (and gents) on here BUT I would certainly love to win your amazing prizes! Perhaps because I’ve tried very hard this year to make something of myself but actually that’s enough for me, so maybe I’ll just keep my fingers crossed instead ;-)

    Lotsa love
    Jess x

  • Hi Katie,

    This special treat would be much appreciated right now. I need some festive cheer and pampering. As a mum of 2 I’ve had a really tough year, lots of hospital visits for my little 10 month old girl, lack of sleep and stress. This would be ideal for me as I hardly have time to myself and would really love this pampering gift, all the much better as it’s a surprise! Thank you x

  • Well, have liked on Facebook, and having read the comments above I don’t want the prize any less, but probably don’t feel I deserve it as much as many others! So why do I want to win? I love surprises, and I’m usually the one surprising other people, so I wouldn’t mind being surprised myself! Honestly though, I’m just enjoying reading through your posts, and what fun to do a giveaway – was planning to do one myself! Good luck to every one who enters, heaven knows how you will choose!

  • What an awesome idea for a secret giveaway! Like everyone else I’d love to win, and after solo parenting through illness and teething for the past 5 weeks and also getting news this last week that has soured the end of an amazing year, receiving some suprise treats in the post would be absolutely lovely :)
    Whoever is the lucky winner I’m sure will be get a great gift! Xx

  • Love love LOVE your blogs Kate and enjoy reading all your style tips and what you have learned from the beautiful Elsie! I would love to win simply because with 2 munchkins already and one on the way i rarely have time to make myself feel glam and gorgeous and from the sounds of those fab prizes that’s exactly how they would make me feel! Just like to wish you and your gorgeous family a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! And that goes to all your fellow followers too! Keep up the fabulous work! (“,) xxx

  • Lovely idea Katie! I’m sure one lucky lady is in for a real treat! Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to you and yours and here’s to a very happy 2014, Cheers! xx

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