A classic black dress and a trusty trench

A classic black dress and a trusty trench

THE older I get, the more I understand the need for quality and longevity when it comes to clothing.

Sure I like a bargain and to splurge on something frivolous from time to time, but I’m becoming quite the fan of classic pieces and the important role they play in my wardrobe.

A little black dress is one of those classic pieces, if you get it right, that is. I own quite a few LBD’s – some people may say too many! – and they’re not all timeless beauties, even though they are stunning in their own right.

Nope, a true classic little black dress is that rare item you can throw on for almost any occasion and know that it will always – no matter what the circumstances- look good on you.

It should always fit (even if you put a little weight on), it should be suitable to wear in ten years time, it should make you feel fan-bloody-tastic and should be comfortable and easy to wear too. All of which means it’s pretty impossible to find the damn thing of course.

However ladies, I think I might just well have hit the LBD jackpot. I think I’ve found my classic!


full lengthdress and coatside close up


This little black dress – named Lana – was kindly sent to me by the hugely talented – and oh so chic – Kerry O’Brine and I absolutely adore it. Made from the softest and most luxurious black silk jersey, this elegant wrap dress drapes beautifully over my curves and is probably the comfiest dress I have ever worn.

I’ve had it in my possession for a number of months now and have already worn it many times which I’m definitely taking as a tell tale sign that I’ve found the one.

I’ve dressed it up for a posh evening meal where I was in work mode as a journalist, I’ve giggled and flirted in it with my husband over a glass of wine on a date night, I’ve worn it on Christmas Day – it was the perfect canvas to show off my Christmas cracker hat *winks* – and I’ve worn it many times during an ‘ordinary’ day running about as a freelancer and busy mum.

The dress is perfection. It never creases, it’s chic but unobtrusive – which means I can easily dress it up or down at whim – and it makes me feel like a woman. To quote Kerry: “simplicity is the key!” In this stunning dress I feel like I can tackle the world, which in essence is what the perfect LBD is all about!

I’ve teamed it here with another classic, a houndstooth trench coat from Topshop that I picked up in the sales least year for just £20. It’s another piece that I know I will get so much wear out of this year, especially when the chill eases off a little.


keep warm with collar

hands clutching coatSide coat


I’m also wearing my trusty black opaque tights and keeping my calves and feet warm with my beloved black suede knee length boots. (From Autograph at M&S a few years ago. That’s another thing with classics. If you look after them, they’ll last you for years!)


Poutface close up


I might be wrong, but I can see myself wearing this outfit in ten years time. Hopefully as I strut down the Champs Elysees with a classic Chanel flap bag hanging from my shoulder. Well a girl can dream right?! (Chanel, if you’re listening….)

Please do check out the rest of Kerry’s beautiful collection when you have a moment. All of her designs are truly elegant and stunning in simplicity and will – in my opinion – make you look and feel gorgeous for a lifetime.

And I ask you – what, my lovelies, could be more wonderful than that?!


With love,





For more information on Kerry’s collection (she also does bespoke designs too!) visit www.kerryobrine.co.uk


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16 Discussions on
“A classic black dress and a trusty trench”
  • Now that is a gorgeous dress, you look divine. Loving the knee boot and trench combo. I do love a good wrap dress, especially it that sort of material. Lovely! :) x

    • Ah thank you so much Kitty! The lipstick is by Bobbi Brown and it’s a lip crayon called Sugar Blush. (I think!) It always gets lots of compliments x

  • Oh you look gorgeous. I think you have definitely found the perfect LBD for you. Love the trench and boots too. Autograph shoes are always so comfy. I can see you in it in ten years time too. With that Chanel bag, of course! XX

  • You’re right that dress looks bloody amazing, and I have far too few LBD’s. I love a wrap dress always so flattering. That mac looks ace too! #streetstylesunday xxx

  • Hi Katie,

    First of all met me say thank you so much for replying to my tweet – the blogging world can feel totally overwhelming sometimes and I am so happy to be reaching out to fellow bloggers and letting them know what a great job they are doing.

    Your blog has become a new favourite for me, because we share the same career and I too am incredibly thankful for being able to work from home at what I love. I don’t know about you, but I often find that not many people understand my career choice, wondering how I make money, whether I “get bored” and of course asking me the pyjama question. You’ve had the pyjama question right? I swear some people think I just sit in bed all day! I am 25, and only really just starting out. so perhaps your blog will be my go-to for freelancing wisdom.

    I really love how you have combined your career with your blog – giving your readers the perfect mix of fashion and lifestyle, with a “hey I write too” attitude! Your posts on body image really struck me, they are so well written and really easy to read. I too think we should be supporting other women and I’m tired of seeing females tear other females down. The blogging world NEEDS a blog like yours desperately, and I really do hope that you continue to document all the things you care about in an attempt to empower your female readers.

    Good luck!

  • Oo la la, what a chic look! I am glad to have found your blog, your photos are super, the posing is fun and your style is classy. I love the length of that dress, it could indeed take you pretty much anywhere.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog lately and leaving such sweet comments!


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