SADLY, I’m not moving there.

But it’s totally true. Tomorrow I’m jetting off to Italy with my family to stay in the stunning Italian Lakes, courtesy of Bookings For You.

We’ll be staying at Lake Maggiore, far North of the country and just five miles from the Swiss border, and I’ll be reviewing this beautiful family villa which boosts lake views, private terraces and stunning contemporary decor.

*does a dance of utter joy*

Italy villa

Am I the jammiest woman in the world right now?

Possibly so.

However, after being rushed off to A&E this morning with a serious allergy reaction, I have to say I think I deserve this break.

(Thankfully all is well now, apart from being covered head to toe in a horrific rash, the likes of which I’ve never seen before nor want to again!).

So it’s going to be lovely. Really lovely in fact.

Jo, the lovely owner of Bookings For You, has been seriously helpful and the villa looks wonderful, so I’ve no doubt the gorgeous scenery, fresh air and heaps of Italian pasta plus copious amounts of red wine, will do us all the world of good.

Italy is my favourite country in the WORLD, so I’m more than a little excited and really looking forward to seeing what Lake Maggiore has in store.

As well as getting to grips with our stunning local surroundings, we’re also hoping to spend a day in Milan and pay a visit to Switzerland too.

Elsie is over the moon at the prospect at going to a shop where they just sell ice cream!(the Italians do love their gelato!) and I’m looking forward to peace, tranquility and a change of scene.

So I won’t be around posting next week.

But I will be popping up on social media every now and then to share a few snaps and let you know how the rash is coming along. I bet you all can’t wait for that!

*winks* (I won’t really, don’t worry.)

And I’ll be back early November to tell you all about it.

Until then, take care, enjoy the half term break and think of me eating my own weight in heavenly Italian carbs.

I’ll probably come back a good stone heavier, but who cares?!

I cannot bloomin’ wait!!!


With love,






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