ChattyFeet: socks worth ‘chatting’ about

socks worth chatting about


I HAVE a confession to make.

I’m not really a fan of socks. I’ve always seen them as a boring necessity and never quite understood my husband’s love and devotion for the little foot warmers. (It’s definitely a man thing isn’t it?!)

However, since becoming a mum, socks are something I’ve had to become a little giddier about. Because you know I’ve got an example to set.

If I don’t wear them, then I can’t really expect Elsie to wear them either or keep them on her feet.

So although me and socks are never quite going to have a real love affair, let’s just say my feelings for them are becoming a little warmer.

Especially if they’re novelty. Because let’s face it if there’s one place you can got a bit crazy, it’s on your feet with socks.

So enter ChattyFeet and their novelty socks designed to be put a smile on everyone’s face – adults and children alike. The lovely team there kindly sent my family (me, my husband and the little lady) some of their fabulous socks to cheer up our tootsies and here they are in all their glory.

Here’s Elsie…

Elsie wearing miko

cutest feet in the world!

and Elsie and I wearing ‘Miko’…

chattyfeet miko

It was hard to get Elsie to keep her feet still in these socks (hence the slight blur!)

And here’s Elsie and Daddy wearing Mr Grrril…

elsie and daddy in Mr Grrril

Elsie was a very lucky girl and received two pairs – one to match Mummy, one to match Daddy – and I’m astonished at how much she loves them!

Last night she wanted to wear them with her pyjamas in bed (she’s NEVER asked this before of a pair of socks) and this morning she’s asked to wear them again. I think it’s safe to say they’re a hit!

As for the husband and I – well we’ve had a lot of fun wearing matching socks with Elsie and they do what all good socks do in my humble opinion, they keep your feet warm and snug and inject a bit of novelty into your day too.

a trio of Chattyfeet

A happy Chattyfeet family!

ChattyFeet offer a wide selection of cool novelty socks which would make an unusual gift idea for anyone, young or old. I’d also add they’d be brilliant for a family gift too, like on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day for example.

Fancy getting your tootsies in some?! Then you’re in luck because ChattyFeet are currently running a super competition for mums and dads which starts today and ends on 23rd February.

They’re giving away 10 family gift sets which includes one pair for adults and one for kids. (Five Mr. Grrrril family sock sets and five Miko family sock sets – the exact ones we’re all wearing in the pics.)

Simply visit the ChattyFeet Family Socks Giveaway to enter and good luck!

Who thought socks could be worth chatting about?! Well done ChattyFeet. Well done.


With love,






Disclaimer – this post is sponsored by ChattyFeet but as always all opinions and thoughts are my own. As I always say, if I wouldn’t recommend a brand to my nearest and dearest, I wouldn’t recommend them to you. X


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