Celebrating my pregnancy and the bump…

Now 33 weeks pregnant, I can well and truly say that I have fallen in love with my ever-growing bump over the last few months.

So much so, that I think after baby Portman has made his / her arrival, I’m actually going to miss my bump, quite a lot. Yes it’s heavy and often gets in the way of me doing things (painting my toe nails is now almost impossible), but the bigger it grows, the prouder I become.

After all what’s in there, is a little miracle! It’s also great for resting my hand on or occasionally a cup of tea ;-)

There’s no doubt that my body has changed throughout pregnancy. Besides my obvious bump, my breasts are bigger (not a bad thing I suppose) and generally  my whole body looks much softer and rounder.

All things considered, I’ve loved being pregnant which is why I wanted to celebrate this life-changing experience and ‘le bump’ with a special bump photo-shoot.

My lovely friend and very talented photographer Jane Hewitt kindly offered to take some pictures of me and bump in all our glory and so I happily snapped her hand off.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the shoot. I share them in the hope they’ll encourage all you gorgeous mums-to-be out there to really cherish your changing bodies and love your bumps, regardless of their shape and size!

Thank you Jane for taking these wonderful images! x












































Till the next time,

Katie and bump


To find out more about Jane’s photography services or ‘bump shoots’ visit janehewittphotography.co.uk

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10 Discussions on
“Celebrating my pregnancy and the bump…”
    • Thanks Sam! It was a brilliant experience and the
      photos will be lovely to look back at when baby Portman
      is here! x

    • Thanks Colette! Can’t wait for the baby to arrive now!

      (But until then I’m enjoying my bump! ;-) )

  • What beautiful pictures. It will be lovely to look back at them in the years to come.
    While I’m determined that there is no part of me that wants any more children, there is a tiny part of me that wishes I could be pregnant again. I loved my bumps, both times. I especially liked it when the babies got big and I could prod a bum, knee or foot.

    Enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy. You’re clearly blooming now.

    Lots of love

    • Thank you so much Catherine for your lovely, lovely comment!

      Being pregnant is such a special experience and I can’t
      wait to enjoy my last few final weeks. (I’m finishing
      off my freelance work for maternity leave this week!)

      Thank you for your lovely tips & guidance.
      You’ll make a super Doula one day! ;-)

      Love Kate x

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