Now 33 weeks pregnant, I can well and truly say that I have fallen in love with my ever-growing bump over the last few months.

So much so, that I think after baby Portman has made his / her arrival, I’m actually going to miss my bump, quite a lot. Yes it’s heavy and often gets in the way of me doing things (painting my toe nails is now almost impossible), but the bigger it grows, the prouder I become.

After all what’s in there, is a little miracle! It’s also great for resting my hand on or occasionally a cup of tea ;-)

There’s no doubt that my body has changed throughout pregnancy. Besides my obvious bump, my breasts are bigger (not a bad thing I suppose) and generally  my whole body looks much softer and rounder.

All things considered, I’ve loved being pregnant which is why I wanted to celebrate this life-changing experience and ‘le bump’ with a special bump photo-shoot.

My lovely friend and very talented photographer Jane Hewitt kindly offered to take some pictures of me and bump in all our glory and so I happily snapped her hand off.

Here are some of my favourite photographs from the shoot. I share them in the hope they’ll encourage all you gorgeous mums-to-be out there to really cherish your changing bodies and love your bumps, regardless of their shape and size!

Thank you Jane for taking these wonderful images! x












































Till the next time,

Katie and bump


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