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  I FELT liked I’d been punched in the stomach on Friday. For about five or ten minutes, I felt short of breath and just absolutely gutted. Because I couldn’t spot my blog name you see. I couldn’t spot Pouting In Heels on a list of blogs that had made the finals for a major blogging award. And I couldn’t spot Pouting In Heels because I hadn’t made it. Boo blinkin’

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We all go through it. Every single one of us. Times when we’re just feeling rubbish or to be frank, like utter s**t. Sometimes it can be just for a day or two, others time it can last longer. But how on earth do you stop feeling like the smelly stuff and get your self acquainted with a sweeter scent. Well, my friends, it’s a tough process. Because as you’ll

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FEATURED POST: Style Tips to Help Make you Look Slimmer

Do you still look frumpy and large, even though you already have a slim figure? Well, take a look at what you are wearing first. Of course, it’s really important that you eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly in order to tone your body. But most of the time, you can still look bulky if you’re wearing the wrong types of clothes. Having curves make you look hot! But

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IT’S changed my life, my beautiful little corner of the Internet. But it’s also brought some very interesting conversations my way and a hell of a lot of questions too. There’s a whole glut load of misconceptions when it comes to blogging and being a blogger. About the work that’s involved, about what it’s really like and of course, how much money you can make from it. In the three

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How to have a GREAT family holiday (with little stress)

I’VE got real wanderlust at the moment. Now the sun is shining here in the UK, my thoughts over the past week or so have naturally turned to travel and holidays. We’ve yet to decide where to jet off to this summer, but I’m personally daydreaming about culture, great weather, fabulous food and a relaxing place, where we can all take a break from modern life and enjoy some much

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A letter to fame seekers (From a woman who really knows what she’s talking about)

I AM so, so excited to bring you this very special post today! Especially, as it’s from a dear friend of mine. It’s rare I do guest posts on here, because you know, this blog is my baby. But when a brilliant, talented friend of mine has an idea for one, well I just can’t say no and this is no exception. Occasionally, if you’re lucky, you come across someone

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Great Gift Ideas for Your Other Half

MONEY can’t buy you love. But that doesn’t mean we don’t all enjoy a treat every once in a while. There are certain times when a heartfelt present goes a long way. For the wary or uninitiated (yes boyfriends and hubbies, I’m mostly talking to you!), here’s a rundown of exactly when those times are, and how to choose the perfect present that will show you care. ——- The thoughtful

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Chatting with my new best friend – Me

I’VE been talking to myself a lot lately. (Although to be fair, I always talk to myself, so no great news here.) But what is different though, is the way in which I am talking to myself. And the language that I’ve been using. Because I’ve been working on it you see. The words that I use for my internal dialogue. The phrases that I say. And I’ve been working

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