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POUT OF APPROVAL: My review of not 1, but 2 amazing massages @ Instinctive Health, Sheffield

ON FRIDAY, I was a little naughty as I decided to forego my usual busy blogging morning for a morning of total and utter pampering heaven instead. It did mean not having a Friday Five post for you all (I wrote a one off Saturday Six post instead) but I hope and am pretty sure you’ll forgive me. After all, who doesn’t deserve some relaxation from time to time right?! When

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Pout Of Approval: From Babies With Love

WHEN you become a mother, it changes everything. I can still remember being told that when I was pregnant and I have to say, now I am a mummy myself, it is absolutely true. For instance, whereas before hearing any news stories of children being mistreated or abused would make me feel sick and upset, now I’m a mum, they literally break my heart. I just cannot bear to think of

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POUT OF APPROVAL: Tea infusions from the Bluebird Tea Co.

MY name is Katie and I am a tea-aholic. No really, I totally am. When it comes to tea, I just can’t get enough. I drink umpteen cups of the stuff all day long. But whilst I do love a good cup of ‘normal’ tea (Yorkshire Tea is my always my preferred option for this) over the years I have started to cut back on Yorkshire’s finest and opt for

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ONE of the most wonderful things about being a mum to a baby girl, is the opportunity to dress her up in all manner of pretty things. And I make absolutely no apologies for this. I love pretty things and I love my little girl, so it goes without saying that I want her to look wonderful. In a few years, if she wants to hang out in scruffy jeans

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POUT OF APPROVAL: 100 Little Words on Parenthood

I WAS delighted to be asked to be part of this wonderful book and am even more thrilled to give it my‘Pout of Approval’! Compiled by writer Charlie Plunkett, 100 Little Words on Parenthood is a fascinating collection of anecdotes, words of wisdom and poems on all aspects of parenthood from the miracle of birth to toddler troubles, embarrassing tantrums to awkward teenagers. In just 100 words, mums, dads, grandparents and

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Pout Of Approval: Petra Boase

I’m so committed to bringing this amazing online shop to your attention, that I am actually typing this with one hand as I hold my sleeping baby daughter in the other. Like some of life’s best discoveries, I literally stumbled across Petra Boase by chance as I was busy searching the net last week looking for some nursery inspiration. Now we’re finally in our new home, I’ve been a busy

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Pout Of Approval: Phoenix Jayy

  I’ve always been attracted to anything that sparkles, but even if you’re not a ‘magpie’ like me, let’s face it, we all need a bit of ‘razzle dazzle’ in our lives at times. Phoenix Jayy London (phoenixjayy.co.uk) is a new costume jewellery label that I’ve recently come across which knows exactly how to put the ‘ing’ into erm… bling. What’s more, their amazing glittering jewels are incredibly purse friendly too,

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Pout of Approval: Black Dress HQ

LIKE most women I love beautiful dresses. Especially black ones. Versatile and elegant, a little black dress can you take you from day into night with ease and panache. Acclaimed style icon Wallis Simpson wasn’t wrong when she said: “When a little black dress is right, there is nothing else to wear in its place.”  So when I heard of a new online retailer which aims to make hunting for your

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