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Trying to remain positive when I feel like s**t

I WOKE up this morning in a foul mood. Like a really foul mood. Also, I’m feeling rubbish. Germs have hit the Portman household which means we’re all under the weather and I have a very grotty, snotty and grumpy toddler on my hands. Oh goodie. So I wasn’t very happy this morning. No sirree. But then I sat down, drank my morning cup of tea and read this post

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SPONSORED POST: iZettle prove dreams really can come true

  AS a proud freelance writer /PR  and blogger, I always do my best to try and support other small businesses. Why? Well firstly I do it out of solidarity with my fellow self employed comrades and secondly, well, because in my opinion and from personal experience, you just get a much better service from smaller businesses. There’s no doubt about it. We care more. We go the extra mile.

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35 ‘rules’ for women to live by (created by me)

  TOMORROW is my birthday. There will be cards, presents (here’s hoping!), perhaps even some delicious cake. I’ve already partied with my dearest friends to celebrate and I’m looking forward to dragging out the celebrations for as long as I can with Elsie, Jamie (the husband) and family and friends this weekend. (Well you’ve just got to!) And I will be 35. Blimey. I don’t know why (perhaps because this

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I’M pretty miffed today. In fact make that very. Why? Well because I’m getting sick to the back teeth of receiving emails from brands who are offering me the ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ to ‘work’ for them and spend my time and use my talents and experience on promoting them. For FREE. Yes FREE. Who works for free? Do you? Does your partner? Would you like your children to have

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Ideas for Elsie’s big bedroom (and for other toddlers)

I’M not quite sure how it’s happened already but it has. Elsie has grown up and so it’s time to move my not-so wee cherub out of her nursery and give her a ‘proper’ bedroom. You know with lots of room to play, where she can let loose and throw her toys about. Currently Elsie is in a teeny tiny room. Which is fine and has been perfectly lovely (if

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Am I good enough? (Yes, you are)

  US women have a tough ol time’ getting by in this world I reckon. We’re critiqued, we’re pulled apart, we’re pitted against each other. We’re told how we should look, how we should dress, how we should behave. The pressure is endless and it all adds up to this message: “You’re not good enough.” If like me, sometimes you find yourself thinking this very thing and a bit too

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Some business advice from yours truly (because it’s good to share)

It’s good to share knowledge isn’t it? AS a freelancer and blogger, I have lost count of the number of emails and messages I receive from people looking for a little guidance and help about working for themselves. In truth, sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming and even though I wish I had the time to reply to everyone and share with them my pearls of wisdom, it’s just not possible

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How to deal with sleep deprivation (for exhausted parents)

AAAH children, they make our worlds go round don’t they? They amuse us, melt our hearts and are the very centre of our existence but wouldn’t it be nice if they just slept? More. Well. Better. Through the night? I adore my daughter Elsie. Like every Mum, there is no one I love more on this planet than her, but – and it’s a big ol’ but – I just

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