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Elsie Creates A Treasure Box

My two year old daughter is crafty. And I don’t mean in the sneaky sense, but in the ‘loves to paint, colour, draw and stick as much as she can’ kind of sense. It’s a wonder to behold and I have to say, her ‘craftiness’ is definitely catching. There’s nothing I love more than sitting down with her and helping or watching her get into her creative zone. Toddlers are

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SECRETS: How to make the easiest bunting…EVER

IF you’re in need of some fabulous bunting for a wedding, party or baby’s nursery, then listen up folks because this is THE post for you. Here’s how to make the easiest bunting in the world. And I promise you, there is absolutely no needle and thread in sight. Ready? You will need: Fabric – ideally at least three different designs. For my bunting I used five. Pinking shears –

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Pout Of Approval: Petra Boase

I’m so committed to bringing this amazing online shop to your attention, that I am actually typing this with one hand as I hold my sleeping baby daughter in the other. Like some of life’s best discoveries, I literally stumbled across Petra Boase by chance as I was busy searching the net last week looking for some nursery inspiration. Now we’re finally in our new home, I’ve been a busy

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