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Long gone are the heady, exciting days when my weekends were all about going out on ‘the razz’. Now my idea of an exciting night is actually having a night in. (It’s the new ‘going out’ you know!) Tonight I am looking forward to doing exactly that. Curling up on the sofa, with a glass of wine in hand (and the bottle nearby) and relaxing. Ah bliss. It’s true, I

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How to have a GREAT family holiday (with little stress)

I’VE got real wanderlust at the moment. Now the sun is shining here in the UK, my thoughts over the past week or so have naturally turned to travel and holidays. We’ve yet to decide where to jet off to this summer, but I’m personally daydreaming about culture, great weather, fabulous food and a relaxing place, where we can all take a break from modern life and enjoy some much

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Yorkshire delights and quality time

I TOOK some time off last week. Away from work and the blog (although I still managed to squeeze a few posts in) and what do you know?! It was rather bloomin’ lovely. Elsie, the husband and I had a family day out on Friday to go and see ‘some animals’. Although Elsie kept referring to it as the ‘farm’ it was a little more exciting than that (sorry sheep,

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