Books that could change your life this year (quite possibly)

Books that could change your life this year

READING is one of those great pleasures in life that sends me giddy with total and utter joy.

I’ve always been a bookworm and although I don’t get nowhere near as much time as I’d like these days (who does?!) to sit down and curl up with a good read, over Christmas and New Year I did manage to work my way through a few belters.

These books are so good that I thought I’d share them with you.


Well, because they could change your life for the better this year. If you let them.

Here are five fabulous reads that I have loved recently that I highly recommend.


Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes.

Don’t think a book on beauty can change your life? Then think again.

Most of you will probably have come across a rave review on this book already but for those who haven’t, let me tell you, all the amazing things you’ve heard about it, are totally well deserved.

Sali (whom I adore – a bit of a girl crush right here) has done what is practically impossible and written an informative and inspiring book about beauty that is far from dull and leaves you feeling brilliant.

I devoured this book in a couple of reading sessions and will be keeping this book on a bookshelf not too far away, where I can reach it easily and dip into time to time for some more beauty-full wisdom. Buy it. First for yourself and then for every woman you know.


How To Be Parisian: Wherever You Are by Anne Berest, Audrey Diwan, Caroline de Maigret & Sophie Mas

Ok, this one is tricky because I have a love / hate thing going on with this book. Clearly I adore it because I wouldn’t be recommending it to you otherwise however part of me hates it because, well, it could have been a hell of a lot better.

There are some real gems of wisdom in this book and so much of what is said, really resonated with me. Without ruining it for you, there are some powerful statements about the importance of being happy in your own skin, why we should embrace ageing and how to really enjoy life.

However, there just isn’t enough of this kind of stuff in my humble opinion and often it feels a little self indulgent. You have to dig quite deep to find a jewel or two of inspiration in this book, but when you do find one, well, it’s worth the effort.


The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin

Damn, this book is good folks. In fact, scrap that, it’s brilliant.

I haven’t finished this book yet (I’m about two thirds through) but it’s already got me thinking about so much in my life. Changes I could make, and quite possibly should make, to make me happier.

If you’re a mum, I urge you to buy it for the parenting section alone.


How To Be A Hip Mama Without Losing Your Cool by Jenny Scott

An excellent read for all mums – new to parenting or not- that is jam packed with advice, motherhood tales and a big ol’ dash of glamour.

I haven’t had the chance to read it from cover to cover yet but I have managed to flick through and read odd pieces here and there when Elsie is having her nap.

And I can tell you that, it’s brilliant, honest and uplifting. I particularly love that even though it acknowledges that motherhood is the hardest job of all, it also recognises that there is much more to us mums than being someone’s parent.


Become The Best You: Make Peace with the Past and Break the Cycle of Dysfunction by Renee Davis

With a title like this, it’s perhaps no surprise that I couldn’t wait to read this book, as this is the kind of thing I’m always harping on about on here. (I hope)

It’s also written by a very lovely and talented blogger friend of mine, the lovely Renee from Mummy Tries which meant I was very excited to get stuck in.

In the book, Renee shares her personal stories, low moments and triumphs to provide insightful advice and comfort. I love it, not only because I admire her bravery (it’s no mean feat sharing your soul with the world) but because it exudes warmth (the kind I definitely would have expected from Renee) and honesty.

Half memoirs, half self help, it’s a book anyone can relate to and learn from. Renee, I am in awe. x


Pssst – My super pal Christina also recommends Thrive by Adriana Huffington (and she knows a thing or two about good reads too!)


With love,





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18 Discussions on
“Books that could change your life this year (quite possibly)”
  • Love this, a great selection and a few more to add to my reading list. Do you follow Gretchen’s blog too? I feel like quite a few bloggers have been talking about her of late. Well done to Mummy Tries for the new book too, sounds like something I’d be into.

    This post has got me thinking about so many books that have changed my life – one I’d recommend for writers especially is Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott – in fact I have a bunch of books for writers that I think are brilliant… think I feel a future post coming on the topic ;-)

    • Thanks Uju! So glad you like the list. I don’t follow Gretchen’s blog yet but I must! It’s on my to do list. Thanks for your recommendation too – must check it out! Can’t wait to read your future post :-) X

  • Great selection of books Katie! I love Renee’s book too – it’s inspirational. I’ve heard so much about the Happiness Project – it sounds like it will resonate with my Journey to Joy this year – on my reading list for sure! Over the last few weeks I’ve also been reading some amazing books that have inspired me to take action in my life. I’ll be sharing them soon too!

    • You MUST get the Happiness Project because it’s pretty much what you’re trying to do now! Buy it soon, please ! x

  • Thanks so much for including Become the Best You Kate, I’m absolutely thrilled that you found it inspiring and think there’s lots of good advice in it! Please keep us all posted with how you’re getting on with making your changes xxx

  • I love Sali Hughes. I have spent hours reading her Guardian articles. I have a girl crush on her too (shhhh…don’t tell anyone)! Luckily, I have some Christmas money so I might have to purchase that, The Happiness Project and Become the best you. Thanks for all these recommendations. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

    • She’s wonderful isn’t she? Smart, beautiful, funny and seems like a nice person too. So chuffed you like my recommendations. Think you’ll love them! x

  • Oh to have nap times to read in!! But somehow on hols when we are all off routine, I seem to manage to dig into a few tomes – brilliant recommendations, and I do love recos, especially by friends I love and admire! I’m halfway through reading Renee’s book too, and also reading The Simply Luxurious Life plus a bunch of yoga books. Will keep the happiness project in mind too (for next holidays!)

    Thanks for linking to All About You my lovely xxx

    • I know Zaz, there’s never enough time to read is there? Certainly not as much as I like anyhow. Will look into The Simply Luxurious Life. xxx

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