JOHN Lennon once said, “life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans.

And let’s face it, the guy has a point.

Certainly when it comes to my life this year, it couldn’t be more apt. You see, around this time of the year, I should be celebrating the launch of my first book.

I should be sat here drinking goblets of fizz, getting sozzled and toasting myself for becoming a published author.

I should have a book that is waiting to be bought. (Hopefully by a few of you. *crosses fingers*)

But alas, my book plans haven’t quite gone to plan. The book deal is still all systems go (phew!), it’s just I haven’t quite managed to finish writing it yet!

I got pregnant you see, earlier in the year, happily but most unexpectedly. And well, four months of hellish morning sickness (which lasted all day long) put the biggest spanner in the works for my book plans.

Too ill to even reply to an email (I know how crazy that sounds but it’s true!), my ability to write even a few sentences was greatly hindered by the constant nausea and never ending feeling that I was about to vomit. Like again. For the tenth time that morning.

And so I had no choice but to put my creative baby on hold, in exchange for the precious baby I’m cooking right now.

Life is what happens to you when you’re busy making other plans. Truth!

So there we have it.

The book launch date has now been rescheduled thanks to my kind and incredibly patient publisher Diane and pushed back a little. But, the great news is, it is still going ahead!

If you fancy a read, you can expect my creative baby to be out in the shops sometime in Spring 2017.

All being well, my baby boy (!) should arrive in January/ early February next year so I’m hopeful that the extra time will give me a good couple of months to find my ‘mum to a new baby’ feet again (!) whilst enabling me to give the book launch some serious promotional welly.

I’m excited to get it finished. I’m giddy to get it published and I’m impatient to hold that very first printed copy in my hands!

Wanna see the cover and title?!

Well here it is!…


There’s still a few tweaks to be made here and there, but for a first mock up, I hope you like it as much as I do. Big thanks to my lovely friend Helen from Masque Photography for taking the photo.

Oddly, the day of the book cover shoot was actually the first day I suspected I might be pregnant and was the start of my life beginning to change again. Life ey? It’s a funny old thing!


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