In bloom with fabulous flowers

In bloom with fabulous flowers

IF yesterday’s post was a little woe is me, you could say today’s post is WOW is me.

Because today I am delighted to talk about one of my favourite things in the entire world.

Nope not heels (although they are one of them) but flowers. Fabulous, fresh flowers that make my heart, well, bloom.

I just cannot get enough of fresh flowers currently. In fact it’s probably safe to say, I’m more than a little obsessed.

Each week, for the past few months, I have taken great pride in picking flowers (from the market, a florist or even my garden) and creating little displays of scented prettiness to decorate my home.

It’s a little weekly something I do which gives me great joy.

Seeing vases, jars and even a used up Vodka bottle (seriously) contain floral delights warms my cockles and makes my house feel like a home.

So imagine, just imagine, my absolute delight when this sensational floral display arrived at my house a couple of weeks ago. A very kind and ridiculously lovely gift from The Flower Studio Shop.


Flowers in box


Expertly packaged in a special cardboard box, the flowers I received were as fresh as a daisy (sorry) and gave me goosebumps of sheer delight.

And even though for a minute or two, I feared the display may not last long thanks to Elsie’s excitement and determination to get her inquisitive toddler hands on them (!), thankfully they remained unharmed.

I chose to display my scented ‘Garden Bouquet Of Antique Rose & Myrtle’ in my most treasured oriental vase, as flowers this beautiful truly deserved a beautiful setting. And here they are looking, well, just gorgeous.


flowers in vase


I mean, just look at these roses. Divine aren’t they? And I have mentioned the smell?! Incredible.

The stunning display lasted for around ten days, giving me much visual pleasure as I potted around our open plan dining room / kitchen, made tea or ate lunch with Elsie.

They also received many an ooh and an aah from visiting relatives and friends.


flowers 1flowers 2

My one only sadness is that they couldn’t last forever and that now they are gone.

But I guess that’s the thing with things of great beauty. You just have to appreciate them and live in awe with them for as long as you possibly can.  (And capture them in a photo or two, naturally)


Many thanks to Trudy and her team at The Flower Studio Shop for my bloomin’ bundle of floral prettiness and please do check out their stunning floral displays which are perfect for Mother’s Day or indeed any occasion! You will love them I’m sure. 

I for one have already got my beady eyes on this scented flower bottle display. Gorgeous! Hint, hint husband. Hint, hint ;-)


With love,




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4 Discussions on
“In bloom with fabulous flowers”
  • These flowers are totally gorgeous! I am with you, am majorly into flowers at the moment – I think it’s the absence of fairy lights and pretty decorations post Christmas, plus, of course, seeing spring bursting into life all around. xx

    • Yes! Great point Jess! There’s something about fresh flowers which really helps to cheer up the place and I guess, bring some nature into our homes. I’m looking forward to filling the house with some cheery daffs later this week ;-) x

  • Wow – how lucky were you receiving those gorgeous blooms?! We adore flowers here – they really do have the power to instantly lift the mood and make you feel fabulously special. And we have serious vase-envy here! That oriental vase needs an entire blog post of it’s own!

    • Why thank you! Yep you can’t beautiful blooms can you? So chuffed you love my vase too as that is one of my most favourite things!

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