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STYLE: How dressing for my life brought me closer to style heaven

WHEN it comes to reinventing yourself, there is no easier way of doing so, than changing your look. Clothes, make up and hair styles are the quickest, simplest ways to change both how we and look and feel about ourselves. But yet how many of us are stuck in a rut, still wearing things that do not suit who we are or our lives? Last year I was forced to

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FRIDAY FIVE: Five life changing articles you need to read

IT’S no secret that I am an avid blog reader. I absolutely love discovering new blogs and visiting my old favourites. Nothing gives me greater pleasure online (well than perhaps writing my own posts) than coming across an article which makes me wanna punch the air and say ‘yes, yes, YES!” (Who said reading couldn’t be orgasmic?!) However, as you’ll know only too well I’m sure, sometimes the Internet is

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YOUR SECRETS: Helen’s story, Part 2: Advice and recipes

AS promised, today’s post follows on from yesterday and Helen’s incredibly inspiring fitness story. As a little follow up to her story, I asked Helen to provide us with a few of her top tips for success and (you’re definitely going to thank me for this one) a couple of her favourite healthy recipes too. Many thanks to everyone who commented or tweeted about Helen’s ‘Your Secret’ post yesterday. The

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YOUR SECRETS: Helen’s story – After years of hating exercise, I’m now a fitness fanatic!

I AM absolutely thrilled to finally bring to you the first ‘Your Secrets’ story on Pouting In Heels. Kicking off this new blog series is a totally inspiring story which I just know you are going to love. It’s one that we can all learn from but is particularly perfect for anyone whom is looking to lose weight, get fit or take up a challenge this new year. As Helen’s friend,

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Five things you need to do this year to become the best ‘you’ possible

FIRSTLY, before I begin, you should know that I think you’re pretty damn wonderful already. However, it is the New Year, which means – in case you hadn’t noticed – that the whole world is on a mission to lose weight, get fit, be happier, become more successful etc etc etc. The truth is of course, that all of us want to be the very best we can be. And

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LIFE: Happy New Year!

BEFORE I go and celebrate the New Year with (another) huge feast and a tipple or two (it just has to be done!), I just wanted to pop by to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! My wish for you all is that 2014 will be your happiest, most loving, most successful, most peaceful, most stimulating, most exciting, most wondrous year of your life, yet. Remember, as always,

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LIFE: A letter to 2013

AT the end of last year, I wrote a little letter to 2012, to thank it for giving me one of the best years of my life. (You can read all about it why it was here.) I found that writing the letter was a lovely and cathartic way to reflect on the 12 months that had gone by and so as we say goodbye to one year and look

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FRIDAY FIVE: My five favourite personal photos from 2013

NOW Christmas is kind of over, it’s time to turn some attention to the past year and get all reflective. Normally,  I’m all about the words but today’s post is much more visually appealing. And to be honest, much quicker too! I mean seriously, there is much chocolate left to be eaten, new toys to be played with (Elsie’s of course) and an entire house to tidy up. (Please tell

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