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FRIDAY FIVE: Wise words to live by from one of the wisest women I’ve ever known

AS it’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, I wanted to do a special post to honour the occasion. Last year I wrote about how to be a better ‘sister‘ but this year, I was a little bit stuck for ideas. Finally, after wracking my brains over what to write, I had a brain wave. What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day than to celebrate one remarkable woman by sharing some of her very

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YOUR SECRETS: Laura’s story, ‘How I’ve made myself a success in the music industry’

THIS month’s ‘Your Secrets’ story is an absolute belter. So good in fact, that I’ve been excited about sharing this with you for weeks. Many of you will probably recognise Laura White from her time on the X Factor a few years ago and the subsequent mass media attention she gained when she was shockingly voted out. And if you’ve ever wondered what you’ve been up to since the show,

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SASS: Daring to go bare (faced)

IT’S not like me to say no to a challenge. So when my blogger friend Mama and More challenged me to take part in the ‘I AM BEAUTIFUL’ link up hosted by Vodka Infused Lemonade and publish an image of myself , bare faced and make up free,  for the whole wide world to see, I couldn’t really refuse. (Damn it!) In all honesty, between you and I, I’d much

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FRIDAY FIVE: How to cope when motherhood feels tough

THE other night was one of those tough parenting nights. I was poorly, my little girl was poorly and so both of us got very little sleep. As I lay there in the early hours trying to settle Elsie and encourage her back to the land of nod, I had a lightbulb moment. For I realised that whilst many people will happily provide parenting advice (which is often unwanted) on

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GIVEAWAY!: Win two beautiful pairs of handmade earrings from Bijoux Twenty Two

LADIES, I love you all. You make my blogging world go round. And so as I celebrate my blog turning two years of age, I’ve decided to do a very special giveaway to thank you all for your support and give one of you the chance to win not one, but TWO stunning pairs of handmade earrings from the incredibly talented Bijoux Twenty Two! These earrings are BEAUTIFUL! I was

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POUT OF APPROVAL: My review of not 1, but 2 amazing massages @ Instinctive Health, Sheffield

ON FRIDAY, I was a little naughty as I decided to forego my usual busy blogging morning for a morning of total and utter pampering heaven instead. It did mean not having a Friday Five post for you all (I wrote a one off Saturday Six post instead) but I hope and am pretty sure you’ll forgive me. After all, who doesn’t deserve some relaxation from time to time right?! When

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SATURDAY SIX: Six reasons to buy and wear vintage fashion

LONG before vintage was cool, I was a massive fan of vintage clothing and accessories. When I was a teenager my Mum gave me a diamante bracelet that a young man had given to her as a gift when she herself was in her late teens. I wore it often in my early clubbing days and even though it’s still missing a few stones here and there, I still wear

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LIFE: Pouting In Heels turns 2! (And I missed it!)

YOU know your life is incredibly busy when you miss a milestone. Which is exactly what has happened to me folks, as alas, I have missed out on my little ol’ blog turning 2! I only realised this yesterday when I thought to myself, I’ll just double check when I published my first post. *palm to head* Anyway, for some reason, I had it in my brain that it was

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